Saturday, October 13, 2012

80% of Jewish Boys in Israel in religious schools Myopic

This according to this link.

Versus only 30% that are in state schools. Interesting article although I think there are numbers of factors (not just reading). Not getting outside enough and getting sunlight, and nutrition also play a role in this which most eye doctors will not tell you. They want you to be near sided. It is more money for them at least some of them.

Here is the quote from the article.

Another study found myopia rates of 80 per cent in 14 to 18-year-old boys studying in schools in Israel that emphasise reading religious texts. The rate for boys in state schools was just 30 per cent.

In other countries as well myopia has reached levels that are  very high and not good for a society to have so many boys myopic.

IN addition, this information I would think does effect the ROLES MEN FROM SO CALLED RELIGIOUS BACKGROUND serve in the military. There are those who claim religious men don't serve in the military and don't think that is really true. Some get out due to religious study but many do serve. Some who don't send their kids to Yeshivas some of them founds ways to get out as well.

However, NOT ALL SERVICE IS EQUAL. Some are serving more dangerous roles then others. You can't wear contacts for extended periods of time and clean them in the field and being near sided is a very obvious handicap that an enemy can see so that being the case would think certain mission require good eyesight. And this would mean while many religious do serve they serve in roles that are less dangerous and also less critical.

If 70% of those going to public school have good eyesight vs. only 20% of boys going to Yeshivas that is a 3.5 to 1 ratio. That in itself makes boys going to a Yeshiva less critical and gives people the sense that those in this kind of background can't defend themselves and if it wasn't for those who don't learn in Yeshiva theere would be no state.

This is a big issue  because in many ways the Yeshiva world (both Modern Orthodox and Ultra Orthodox) is about really making it out that being a boy is somehow evil which is absurd and sadly it is nothing but Jews adopting the worst ideas in the exile as male religious leaders because they have such crazy ideas that no rational man would not question they have to try to make men feel that they are just naturally evil and to just be a man that follows orders and doesn't question although the person telling  them this of course is another man. And sadly some women like this because they have their own envy issues and it makes them feel good when male religious leaders are always putting OTHER MEN down and punishing them.

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