Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Barclay Center build on the homes and businesses ruined.

That is the truth. In addition to that people now in Brooklyn near the site having to deal with traffic and noise that they never had to deal with before. Here is in article some people who were hurt by this stadium built as this area became nice because of the citizens who now were forced to leave both families and small businesses. As well as the irony is this bank is known for corruption as well from the links I read.

If the world is only for the super wealthy and other people have no property rights that is a very evil world.

Here is the link and on this movie the battle for Brooklyn. And how judges called this area blighted which it wasn't just for a big stadium.

Monday, October 22, 2012

NYPD beat a 22-year old Jewish homeless man.

Crazy. The biggest elephant to me was if there was a 2nd male cop this likely would have not escalated because he would have been able to cuff him which is clearly scene when other male cops come.

The other issue was he had a right to sleep there and was woken up.

He did act in a way that made the cops uncomfortable but the guy was 22 and being awoken when he had the right to sleep there and didn't know how to react in a way that mad the cops comfortable.

The cops should have checked his story instead to begin with.

The guy was unarmed.

All this equality and victim stuff is actually is not causing peace and love but more violence towards innocent men as is the case here.and if they would have checked the story and they had a cop that was stronger then this female cop this would not have happened. This female cop then took her batton and hit him when he was done which was all she could do. Hit him with the baton.

John Hagee on John Bachelors show. Women and Relgion.

It is very interesting show. You can download it from this site.

This show was aired 10/10/12 the 3rd hour as his 2nd guest and starts at about the 19 minute mark.

John Hagee visited Jerusalem in 1978 and claims then he felt that Christians have to build bridges with Jews. It is interesting hearing what he has to say to John Bachelor. Is it true or not true. Not sure as have read that he was always a Christian Zionist. But he mentions how some Christians did not want him to support Israel and that there was a bomb threat and what he says sounds credible at least on the Jewish side although if you are a Christian maybe you feel otherwise and feel he is just slandering other Christians to puff up himself.

Will admit my biggest issue which please read on as discuss in more more detail is John Hagee himself divorced his first wife and had an affair and married the younger women he had an affair with which isn't very kind to the first wife and the adopted children they had who need a father.

People say we should take help where we could get it and in general I would agree. We don't know what is in a person's heart.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

80% of Jewish Boys in Israel in religious schools Myopic

This according to this link.

Versus only 30% that are in state schools. Interesting article although I think there are numbers of factors (not just reading). Not getting outside enough and getting sunlight, and nutrition also play a role in this which most eye doctors will not tell you. They want you to be near sided. It is more money for them at least some of them.

Here is the quote from the article.

Another study found myopia rates of 80 per cent in 14 to 18-year-old boys studying in schools in Israel that emphasise reading religious texts. The rate for boys in state schools was just 30 per cent.

In other countries as well myopia has reached levels that are  very high and not good for a society to have so many boys myopic.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Corrupt Male Rabbis promoting throwing the father out of the home in Judea and Sameria.

Being done by Chizuk now,

Also being done by Hebron Fund which I covered in a different post. Will get the link here shortly.

But see the link above.

Their #2 priority is that single women with children have day care so they can work. So government workers now raising the kids which that is a minor issue here.

But where is the father? One of the basic 10 commands in the tablets was to honor your father and mother that you will live in the land. How is this honoring the father??

Also this site talks about following in the footsteps of Abraham and Sarah. In following your haskafa.  How is this following in their footsteps. Sarah wasn't a single mom. She left Israel when God told Abraham to leave the land. She didn't challenge him in this area.

Abraham had idea's against the popular culture of the time. This movement is doing everything to prevent men from disagreeing with any popular notion that may be popular and practiced for a long time but in the end may be false and bad.

This movement is about male Rabbis using the bully pulpit and the government to tell women to divorce their husbands and move to Judea and Sameria and of course these women will likely be good for the Rabbis to push their agenda without any competing men like Abraham who went against the religious ideas of the time.

So this movement is doing everything against what Abraham and Sarah stood for and like others are trashing the memory as much as anybody else we feel is doing the same.

This behavior sadly will cause God to kick us out of these lands as God will not tolerate this immorality. In addition this kind of trying to punish men who think outside the box (for good reasons) will lead to a community that is uncreative and demoralizing to it's own.

In addition the other main focus of this group is to social workers and others who may want to leave .

See the link here.

Does this sound right to you? Shouldn't they try as normal people develop relationship as neighbors and not snitch to a social worker or have social workers spy on people to see if they are happy or not and if not likely make them feel bad or bribe them. This is just gong to lead to another disaster God forbid with another area that in one way or another God will kick us out which I really hope not or that it is a small group so God will protect based on the mostly good people.

Interesting link on the corrupt family courts.

50% of kids are growing up without their father in the home which this a completely recent development in the US and no society can survive if you destroy the brick of society which is the family. I approve this message but this is terrible and no matter who wins the election Romney or Obama the breakdown of the American family signals a society is steep decline unless this can change which at the moment this issue is not talked about Abortion, Homosexuality but not the issue of children being raised without a father in the home and in many of the cases this is against the fathers will. Seems like an excellent link. In addition the social worker very anti-religious which although 80% of the time it is the father being oppressed if the mother is much more religious then the father and they will persecute the mother instead especially if the father supports various anti-religious causes or even gives a lot of money to feminist causes which never stopped anyone for treating women badly in their own life. Just look at Bill Clinton. Anyway this is an excellent link.

And this is what someone wrote back to me on Facebook.

haven't seen my daughter for 3 years due to lies and bull shit in family court. no dads around means kids don't learn many life skills... it won't change.. because the family court doesn't use common sense and unfortunately it is easier to make an allegation and encourage delays just to be malicious.... currently I'm the stay at home dad for my girlfriends two wonderful kids... I ensure that they have a great relationship with their father....but parental alienation and mothers / inlaws from hell... always cause problems in custody forums. 50% time share with children should be granted immediately and parents who prevent fathers from seeing their kids should be sent to jail immediately.