Sunday, September 30, 2012

The English calender Sept means 7, Oct means 8, Etc

It is very interesting. The English calender if you know geometry a Septagon  is a 7 sided polygon. An Octagon is an 8 sided polygon. Decagon is a 10 sided polygon and of course decimal is 10. Yet if you look at the calender, hmm, September is the 9th month, October the 10th, so what the heck happened??

Both the Solar Calender and the Jewish Calender were changed to fit certain agenda's it seems to me. Read on.

What happened is at some point two month were added (and at the end of the year 2 month subtracted). Think it was July and August. Before this September was the 7th month but for some reason two months were added so the December would be the 12th month and not the 10th month.

This is so interesting because in the calender in the bible as well September is around the 7th month. It is slightly different since the day is based on the lunar moon and not the position of the sun.

So sadly it seems to me both Christian countries and the Jewish people changed the calender to fit their needs that we both have different new years (that are both wrong by the way) although they originally both had around the same time which was the correct time. This just show that God did have an influence on all nations starting with Adam in terms of when the true New Year was it seems to me. Like with the 7 day week that all cultures have even though it isn't evenly divisible by 365. Hat tip here to Rabbi Daniel Lapin that pointed this out and that the former USSR was considering a 5 day week which is more divisible by 365 at least in most years although they never did it. And that also that all calenders that I am aware of Saturday is the 7th day of the week that would seem to show that from the beginning of creation this idea of a 7 day week was brought forth and this is why all nations have this.

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