Sunday, September 30, 2012

Starving North Korean women escape to China and then are sold as slaves.

Update: The other issue I was thinking was the one child policy (or two in some cases if the first child is a woman in rural area's as was told by someone from China they allow this exception) but this policy also would lead to more abuses of women since if they had one child and can't have any more much less incentive for the women to be healthy to be able to bear another child and care for more then one child.  Back to my original post.

That is horrible. Socialism and the government controlling the food supply when they nothing about producing food and only want to control the population is causing extreme poverty and China taking advantage of North Korean women who were starving in North Korea and men themselves who can't get a wife due to the female shortage and being poor and having limited skills these men in China, It would be one thing if they treated the women decently but from reading this article mostly they do not which is wrong and evil.,4565c22532,459b7d4e2,469dc7b71d9,0,,,PRK.html

As per my update the only thing here that I would question is if a man wants a child the women would have to be in better physical shape or maybe they are so ill from the malnutrition they won't be able to bear a child so they only use the women as a slave basically. The one child policy leads to tremendous evil and more time to control others and clearly reduces the women's own leverage in motherhood and raising children. 

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