Friday, September 14, 2012

Sounds like an intersting Israeli song. Helpmate. Could someone translate for me??

The basic nature God created a woman with if you read Genesis which can be used in a good way or a twisted way like any other skill.

I admit I don't know Hebrew as well as I wish I did. But reading the Hebrew comments it seemed a  lot of liked this song. From my own experience women can't change their nature and women usually become the helpmate of some men and promote their cause. I see it a lot with Rabbis that women are always promoting them and their mainly silly ideas and also women want to protect men in the government and any man in the private sector that could put a dent in a certain area that the men in the government make a lot of revenue from that to begin with aren't so moral (like gambling) but the state can do it.

It is sad the issue has been stay at home vs. not staying at home and especially somehow working is bad. The fact is in the first story in the bible Adam was forced to work the field and it was Eve's job to help him in this endeavor. Interestingly and I posted this in the past the Purtains faced serious food shortages and  starvation and the reason was their policies basically were for group ownership and the men the most strong resented working for another man's wife and child and it led to people becoming lazy and not wanting to better themselves. The Purtains finally decided to allow families to own most of the produce they made and when this happened the women and children actually enjoyed helping their husband while before they claimed weakness. So in some ways this idea of women not wanting to work at all is based on a certain laziness. Obviously the work may be different with other factors recognized but of course they would want to work and it is more rewarding helping the man who you are married too then some other man who you benefit in the now but in the future when you get older you don't benefit him. Certainly if there are children this gives a mature reason to continue to love another person when other things change. But anyway. Just a 39 year old musing a bit.

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