Tuesday, September 04, 2012

JDate vs. ChrstianMingle and voting in 2012.

Why this is a question they ask in the first place

Among both sites who they picked for VP would NOT make a difference. But there is a 30% gap in the sites on who they would pick 69% for Obama on Jdate vs. 39% on Christian Mingle.

Among Jewish women it was 77% so there is a gender gap as well although not as great as the religious gap as if men voted in equal numbers they would support Obama at 61%. If they voted less it could be less then that. I don't think I answered this question. That gap is not discussed.

Here is the chart from the link above from the Daily News. (1)

Question was: Would you vote for Romney Blue Being Yes Green No.

The Red being if the VP would impact if you vote for Romney. 

For personal discloser I actually voted for Gore-Lieberman in 2000 (first time I voted) but voted for Bush and McCain in 2004 and 2008. As they say a conservative is a liberal that got mugged.  I grew up in an Modern Orthodox family. I don't really buy the Orthodox claims that they all vote conservative. Too much of it contradicts itself. First of all and it is likely true among Jews as well younger people tend to vote liberal. The generation gap is pretty big and bigger then the gender gap and I would suspect it plays out among Jews as well as younger Jews tend to be Democrat across all spectrum's and people who get older and have responsibility tend to become more Repub as they grow older especially the way the Dem party is now. 

Jews vote Democrat more often because they are brought up to see themselves as a victim group sad to say and that plays into Dems hands. I know I was. It took something that happened in my late 20's to wake me up. And most religious Jews are brought up that way and are a minority so they fall into the Dems trap and Christian leaders have a mixed history that doesn't attract Jews.

 The reality is  people who don't believe in anything don't like Jews either and that is something some Jews don't realize as it doesn't take intelligence to hate another group and not believing in anything or other believe systems also many times have hatreds as well. Just look at Russia that banned religion but their bigotry stayed with them though.

Lastly there are issues with the Repubs as well and certainly there are those that want minorities to be mistreated. Some young people are attracted to the extreme right that isn't any better then the extreme left.

Anyway, so 77% of women on Jdate like Obama. Oh well. That really is a an Obummer. That is all I can say.


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