Monday, September 24, 2012

Frightning times for the state of Israel and the Jewish People.

I have to admit I really am somewhat scared of what is going to be. Here in the USA you have Obama who clearly does not like the Jewish people and his pastor Rev Wright supports the Palestinians over Israel. And the Dems booing making Jerusalem as the capital of Israel which is usually just talk anyway but sill to openly boo as was done here is very disturbing. In addition the economy is bad and many would like to use Jews as a scapegoat.

In Israel you have Iran threatening Israel and having no fear of Israel claiming it is nothing but a puppet state of the USA which the USA now has it's own serious problems and getting stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Egypt now has as it's President Moris who is of the Muslim Brotherhood who may even unite with Iran to go after Israel.

In addition to all this, we have to go back to 1973 to understand the true psyche of what is gong on. In 1973 under Golda Meir Israel lost 2,500-2,800 men on the first days of this war which started on the day that is the Rabbinic day of Yom Kippur and also was Ramadan for Muslims. And this did increase Egypt's confidence and hurt Israel's and many felt after this war they needed to sign a peace treaty. In 1981 during one of these celebrations of the partial success on the Yom Kippur/Ramadan war Saddat was shot. The 1979 peace treaty was with the help of Jimmy Carter (which I don't understand those that love this treaty yet hate Jimmy Carter in every other way doesn't seem intellectually honest). And we gave Egypt much money as well as Israel for this treaty which sadly only gave the impression that both states are a puppet of the USA. Now that Egypt has new leadership this treaty doesn't seem to be in Israel's best interest and to Egypt Israel was only a puppet state of the USA and the fact Israel had their worst day on their holy day of Yom Kippur only gives the enemy the sense that God is not with Israel and it was only because of the USA that Israel was successful and now the USA is seen as weak and becoming more socialist which interesting the supporters of Egypt and Syria that were not Muslim were Communist Countries, Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba.

On a moral plane I see the Jewish people as a whole dong terrible things to their own. Many parts of my family use the God of Israel to wreck another man's family and to intimidate men to do whatever some male Rabbi says and slandering Jewish men in ways that is exactly what any enemy of the Jewish people would say about Jewish men. They enjoy hurting another man to make their wife happy. It is sick and disgusting to want to make a woman happy in this sick way. I can understand to please one's wife but this is not the proper way to do it. They enjoy keeping other men down and lonely which is just terrible and disgusting. God can excuse imperfections but not immorality like this that makes the God of Israel look like a terrible God. I see many members of my family using envy politics to get ahead for themselves which again is immoral and against what God wants.
There is much immorality among Jews which I see in my own family and my own experiences and this makes the God of Israel look bad and is a violation of our contract with God. And in doing so God is allowing our enemies to feel strong in attacking us.

Which none of it makes me feel good. I don't know what is going to be. Some of the prophecies claim that some of Israel but not all of Israel will be ravished. In the end the enemies of Israel will be defeated but with much lost life on Israel's side as well just as Israel got a state after 6 million Jews were murdered in Europe. Israel may win in the end but a very high cost or may have a long drawn out war  Who knows.  In America as well if Israel is attacked and there is some success this will lead to people who hate Jews to feel they can hate and hurt Jews.

Certainly no one should think our enemies at this time feel that God is with us when they were able to be successful on our holy day and their holy month of Ramadan. Which is why I am scared of what will be in Israel and to American Jews here in the USA which it could very bad or worse here as well with the current political climate.

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