Monday, September 24, 2012

Achmadinijad to speak at UN on Rabbinic day of Yom Kippur

Ignorace is bliss as the biblical day is Thursday although most Jews celebrate it Wednesday and is considered by the world and the Israeli government as the day of Yom Kippur for good or for bad(at this point being alone this year I am likely fasting Thursday because I am along anyway although I am somewhat conflicted yes the real day is Thursday but most keep it on Wednesday but I am out of the loop anyway so maybe I should keep it when it should be kept) which certainly to our enemies believe this day is our holy day and sadly Egypt had it's biggest victory on this day in 1973 which also was Ramadan and why Israel I hope has some humility in not just thinking it is about weapons. It certainly is bad for all Jews if Israel is seriously damaged by an attack and while I hope it doesn't happen Jews should not think it can't happen especially when I see many Jews trying to imitate other nations for respect which shows no faith in God. 


Sadly Rabbinic Judaism has in many ways turned Judaism into a religion that seems like a tyranny but people should search for the truth from the bible God gave us and not from the male Rabbis as God spoke to the men as a whole and not to some male prophet who claims God spoke with no witnesses. And women should want to be the helpmate of a Jewish man and ok men shouldn't be too difficult as well if they are interested in them for the right reasons (and certainly a man that puts other men down with false generalized claims is not a man of God if for whatever reason they can't get married to a man) and not of some Rabbi who puts down other men in a general way which leads to religion being seen as a tyranny. I have nothing else to think since some women likely were not at Mount Sinai since it wasn't a safe place for children and also sick men may have not been there  as well as some did have to rely on others for what happened there and I don't think it was Moshe having a special session with the women of other men. Sorry. No evidence of this and in the case of Adam as well God told Adam who told Eve. It is just Rabbis wanting to put men down that somehow men are less capable but it is a scam because Rabbis don't give up their own jobs and give it to a woman who they claim are more capable.

   Imitating other nations does not make Israel to be respected and at best makes Israel look like a puppet state of someone else which some other issues I while get to in my next post. 

(1) Photo from the Daily Beast

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