Friday, September 14, 2012

A meaningful Yom Truah. The Jewish New Year is in the Spring. H

Sadly as someone Jewish I have had to unlearn some of what I learned and it is tough being someone who searches for truth. In some ways ignorance is bliss. But the fact is I see no evidence that this coming holiday that the bible refers to as Yom Truah on the 1st day of the 7th month. How could this be the New Year? The answer is it really isn't the New Year and the only reason I could think why this was done was Jews wanted to be like other nations that have a major holiday related to the New Year and this is the only holiday on the 1st of the month.


So what are the consequences of this of doing this? First of all this day Yom Truah is meant to prepare for Yom Kippur by blowing the Sofar and claiming it is the New Year as a time to celebrate in some ways takes away from the serious nature of the holiday and the point of the holiday which is to wake a persons heart to ask for forgiveness for any sins they have done.

Second of all, making the New Year in the Spring really makes more sense. After all the spring is when crops start to sprout and leaves start to grow in trees and various fruits and vegetables bloom. God is a creator and part of spirituality is to create. Now being some sort of monk focusing on ones own feelings and thinking that is spirituality. Also in Israel the fall and winter are the rainy seasons. So why would God have the new year at a time of the cold and rainy season coming. I guess some could say that is how flowers bloom and that is why the New Year is in the fall.

Lastly though and most importantly though there is no major holiday attached to the real new year. Which seems to suggest God DOES NOT want us to focus on time in this manner. It occurs 2 weeks before Passover which in some ways also the focus when the New Year isn't about ourselves and some new year resolutions but being 2 weeks away from the event that gives Jews their identity for good and/or for bad which again shifts the focus away from oneself. Anyway those are some of my thoughts on this.

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