Sunday, September 30, 2012

Starving North Korean women escape to China and then are sold as slaves.

Update: The other issue I was thinking was the one child policy (or two in some cases if the first child is a woman in rural area's as was told by someone from China they allow this exception) but this policy also would lead to more abuses of women since if they had one child and can't have any more much less incentive for the women to be healthy to be able to bear another child and care for more then one child.  Back to my original post.

That is horrible. Socialism and the government controlling the food supply when they nothing about producing food and only want to control the population is causing extreme poverty and China taking advantage of North Korean women who were starving in North Korea and men themselves who can't get a wife due to the female shortage and being poor and having limited skills these men in China, It would be one thing if they treated the women decently but from reading this article mostly they do not which is wrong and evil.,4565c22532,459b7d4e2,469dc7b71d9,0,,,PRK.html

As per my update the only thing here that I would question is if a man wants a child the women would have to be in better physical shape or maybe they are so ill from the malnutrition they won't be able to bear a child so they only use the women as a slave basically. The one child policy leads to tremendous evil and more time to control others and clearly reduces the women's own leverage in motherhood and raising children. 

The English calender Sept means 7, Oct means 8, Etc

It is very interesting. The English calender if you know geometry a Septagon  is a 7 sided polygon. An Octagon is an 8 sided polygon. Decagon is a 10 sided polygon and of course decimal is 10. Yet if you look at the calender, hmm, September is the 9th month, October the 10th, so what the heck happened??

Both the Solar Calender and the Jewish Calender were changed to fit certain agenda's it seems to me. Read on.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mitt Romneys tax return. 3 million Contributions half to his chruch of LDS$file/M_Romney_2011.pdf

As an accountant I needed to take a look. Gave 3 million in contribution about 1.5 of this to the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints and the rest to the Tyler Foundation which gave to various charities. See page 323 and 333 for contributions.

It is good he gave a lot of charity although to give so much to one Church I don't know. I don't see male religious leaders doing much to make the world a better place. Maybe it is just sour grapes on my part but to need this much money when there are other causes. I don't know.

Voting for him anyway as the lesser of two evils.

Frightning times for the state of Israel and the Jewish People.

I have to admit I really am somewhat scared of what is going to be. Here in the USA you have Obama who clearly does not like the Jewish people and his pastor Rev Wright supports the Palestinians over Israel. And the Dems booing making Jerusalem as the capital of Israel which is usually just talk anyway but sill to openly boo as was done here is very disturbing. In addition the economy is bad and many would like to use Jews as a scapegoat.

In Israel you have Iran threatening Israel and having no fear of Israel claiming it is nothing but a puppet state of the USA which the USA now has it's own serious problems and getting stuck in Iraq and Afghanistan. And Egypt now has as it's President Moris who is of the Muslim Brotherhood who may even unite with Iran to go after Israel.

In addition to all this, we have to go back to 1973 to understand the true psyche of what is gong on. In 1973 under Golda Meir Israel lost 2,500-2,800 men on the first days of this war which started on the day that is the Rabbinic day of Yom Kippur and also was Ramadan for Muslims. And this did increase Egypt's confidence and hurt Israel's and many felt after this war they needed to sign a peace treaty. In 1981 during one of these celebrations of the partial success on the Yom Kippur/Ramadan war Saddat was shot. The 1979 peace treaty was with the help of Jimmy Carter (which I don't understand those that love this treaty yet hate Jimmy Carter in every other way doesn't seem intellectually honest). And we gave Egypt much money as well as Israel for this treaty which sadly only gave the impression that both states are a puppet of the USA. Now that Egypt has new leadership this treaty doesn't seem to be in Israel's best interest and to Egypt Israel was only a puppet state of the USA and the fact Israel had their worst day on their holy day of Yom Kippur only gives the enemy the sense that God is not with Israel and it was only because of the USA that Israel was successful and now the USA is seen as weak and becoming more socialist which interesting the supporters of Egypt and Syria that were not Muslim were Communist Countries, Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba.

Achmadinijad to speak at UN on Rabbinic day of Yom Kippur

Ignorace is bliss as the biblical day is Thursday although most Jews celebrate it Wednesday and is considered by the world and the Israeli government as the day of Yom Kippur for good or for bad(at this point being alone this year I am likely fasting Thursday because I am along anyway although I am somewhat conflicted yes the real day is Thursday but most keep it on Wednesday but I am out of the loop anyway so maybe I should keep it when it should be kept) which certainly to our enemies believe this day is our holy day and sadly Egypt had it's biggest victory on this day in 1973 which also was Ramadan and why Israel I hope has some humility in not just thinking it is about weapons. It certainly is bad for all Jews if Israel is seriously damaged by an attack and while I hope it doesn't happen Jews should not think it can't happen especially when I see many Jews trying to imitate other nations for respect which shows no faith in God. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sounds like an intersting Israeli song. Helpmate. Could someone translate for me??

The basic nature God created a woman with if you read Genesis which can be used in a good way or a twisted way like any other skill.

I admit I don't know Hebrew as well as I wish I did. But reading the Hebrew comments it seemed a  lot of liked this song. From my own experience women can't change their nature and women usually become the helpmate of some men and promote their cause. I see it a lot with Rabbis that women are always promoting them and their mainly silly ideas and also women want to protect men in the government and any man in the private sector that could put a dent in a certain area that the men in the government make a lot of revenue from that to begin with aren't so moral (like gambling) but the state can do it.

It is sad the issue has been stay at home vs. not staying at home and especially somehow working is bad. The fact is in the first story in the bible Adam was forced to work the field and it was Eve's job to help him in this endeavor. Interestingly and I posted this in the past the Purtains faced serious food shortages and  starvation and the reason was their policies basically were for group ownership and the men the most strong resented working for another man's wife and child and it led to people becoming lazy and not wanting to better themselves. The Purtains finally decided to allow families to own most of the produce they made and when this happened the women and children actually enjoyed helping their husband while before they claimed weakness. So in some ways this idea of women not wanting to work at all is based on a certain laziness. Obviously the work may be different with other factors recognized but of course they would want to work and it is more rewarding helping the man who you are married too then some other man who you benefit in the now but in the future when you get older you don't benefit him. Certainly if there are children this gives a mature reason to continue to love another person when other things change. But anyway. Just a 39 year old musing a bit.

A meaningful Yom Truah. The Jewish New Year is in the Spring. H

Sadly as someone Jewish I have had to unlearn some of what I learned and it is tough being someone who searches for truth. In some ways ignorance is bliss. But the fact is I see no evidence that this coming holiday that the bible refers to as Yom Truah on the 1st day of the 7th month. How could this be the New Year? The answer is it really isn't the New Year and the only reason I could think why this was done was Jews wanted to be like other nations that have a major holiday related to the New Year and this is the only holiday on the 1st of the month.


So what are the consequences of this of doing this? First of all this day Yom Truah is meant to prepare for Yom Kippur by blowing the Sofar and claiming it is the New Year as a time to celebrate in some ways takes away from the serious nature of the holiday and the point of the holiday which is to wake a persons heart to ask for forgiveness for any sins they have done.

Second of all, making the New Year in the Spring really makes more sense. After all the spring is when crops start to sprout and leaves start to grow in trees and various fruits and vegetables bloom. God is a creator and part of spirituality is to create. Now being some sort of monk focusing on ones own feelings and thinking that is spirituality. Also in Israel the fall and winter are the rainy seasons. So why would God have the new year at a time of the cold and rainy season coming. I guess some could say that is how flowers bloom and that is why the New Year is in the fall.

Lastly though and most importantly though there is no major holiday attached to the real new year. Which seems to suggest God DOES NOT want us to focus on time in this manner. It occurs 2 weeks before Passover which in some ways also the focus when the New Year isn't about ourselves and some new year resolutions but being 2 weeks away from the event that gives Jews their identity for good and/or for bad which again shifts the focus away from oneself. Anyway those are some of my thoughts on this.

(1)- The photo is from

Friday, September 07, 2012

Autism rates now 1 in 88 in the US!! Holy cow! What do you think.

1 in 88 have Autism according to this article on WOR. Yes there are people with damage to the frontal lobes that are related to social interaction BUT 1 in 88!! This is getting crazy already. Every new study it goes up even more. Furthermore, in this article of course the 4 people tagged are all women and the poor little kid with autism is a boy. I am just shocked!! At least they admit it isn't all genetic and certainly some parents use their male child as a scapegoat and worse and of course he is going to have social parents is his own parents and the mother use the fact they have size and money and pick on their helpless child. Here is the link from WOR.

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

JDate vs. ChrstianMingle and voting in 2012.

Why this is a question they ask in the first place

Among both sites who they picked for VP would NOT make a difference. But there is a 30% gap in the sites on who they would pick 69% for Obama on Jdate vs. 39% on Christian Mingle.

Among Jewish women it was 77% so there is a gender gap as well although not as great as the religious gap as if men voted in equal numbers they would support Obama at 61%. If they voted less it could be less then that. I don't think I answered this question. That gap is not discussed.

Here is the chart from the link above from the Daily News. (1)

Question was: Would you vote for Romney Blue Being Yes Green No.

The Red being if the VP would impact if you vote for Romney. 

For personal discloser I actually voted for Gore-Lieberman in 2000 (first time I voted) but voted for Bush and McCain in 2004 and 2008. As they say a conservative is a liberal that got mugged.  I grew up in an Modern Orthodox family. I don't really buy the Orthodox claims that they all vote conservative. Too much of it contradicts itself. First of all and it is likely true among Jews as well younger people tend to vote liberal. The generation gap is pretty big and bigger then the gender gap and I would suspect it plays out among Jews as well as younger Jews tend to be Democrat across all spectrum's and people who get older and have responsibility tend to become more Repub as they grow older especially the way the Dem party is now. 

Jews vote Democrat more often because they are brought up to see themselves as a victim group sad to say and that plays into Dems hands. I know I was. It took something that happened in my late 20's to wake me up. And most religious Jews are brought up that way and are a minority so they fall into the Dems trap and Christian leaders have a mixed history that doesn't attract Jews.

 The reality is  people who don't believe in anything don't like Jews either and that is something some Jews don't realize as it doesn't take intelligence to hate another group and not believing in anything or other believe systems also many times have hatreds as well. Just look at Russia that banned religion but their bigotry stayed with them though.

Lastly there are issues with the Repubs as well and certainly there are those that want minorities to be mistreated. Some young people are attracted to the extreme right that isn't any better then the extreme left.

Anyway, so 77% of women on Jdate like Obama. Oh well. That really is a an Obummer. That is all I can say.


Saturday, September 01, 2012

More on Aron Levi who had brain damage, the Butcher of Leiby Kletzky

Writing this now after the fact. Still feel it should be written. After he was sentenced to 40 years from a man who did know what he was doing was wrong in trying to hide the evidence but the big mitigating factor is the fact that he did have legitimate brain damage due to a bike accident with his head breaking open onto the asphault that his behavior is of someone with damage to the  prefrontal cortex of the brain. This can occur when the brain smashed against the inside of the skill,(1) Doctors note that damage to the prefrontal cortex is associated with several DSM-IV disorders, including obsessive behaviors, and loss of social skills.(2)

This is from the link above. See the link for the whole article. Clearly Aron Levi had brain damage to an area of the brain that effects social interaction from this bike accident and a serious blow to the head and was an outcast and little empathy was shown from the fact he did have a legitimate brain injury that he himself claimed changed him. Anyway, now to quote from the article.

"One afternoon in the spring of 1987, a boy named Levi Aron fell off his bicycle. Or perhaps the accident occurred in 1986, when Aron was 10. Sometimes Aron would recall that he had fallen of his own accord, and sometimes he remembered that he was knocked over by a passing car. Sometimes his head was sliced by the spokes of his front wheel, and sometimes he somersaulted onto the asphalt, his head breaking open in a puff of bright pink. But in recounting the incident for friends, Levi Aron always stressed the same thing: The accident changed him" . (My comment: So, this was a serious injury to the head that maybe the family couldn't afford care but at least some sympathy should have been shown which it seems little was)

Aron was a nebbishy kid, shy and withdrawn. He was born into a large family that moved between Brooklyn and Monsey, a Jewish community in upstate New York, before settling in a three-story house in Kensington, just over the eastern boundary of Borough Park, their lives half in and half out of its tight-knit Hasidic universe. Aron’s parents, Jack and Basya, were Orthodox and exceptionally devout. He was not. He attended shul but had trouble concentrating. Scripture—the same scripture that other yeshiva students devoured with ease and pleasure—was to him an impenetrable wall. He later told friends that he felt from an early age like an outsider. “Not of that world,” he would say.

Aron clashed frequently with his father. Jack liked to talk. He liked to talk over his wife, over his children. Aron burrowed deeper within himself, becoming, in the words of an acquaintance, “a stranger in his own family.” He had two sources of solace. The first was his mother, the only relative who seemed to understand him. The second was music. Aron spent hours listening to albums: pop, disco, rock. All were forbidden commodities, anathema to Jack, who encouraged Levi to pursue a normal life of God and prayer.
Aron spent three years at a high school in Borough Park, where he was remembered as a spectral and strange presence. He watched his brother Joe, a well-¬adjusted and charismatic boy, depart for college, then a promising job in Arizona. Aron left high school before graduation and failed to obtain his GED. Unable to find his own way out, he moved his belongings down to the basement of the Kensington house. Despairing, Jack arranged a job for him at Empire State Supply, a Hasidic-owned hardware store about a mile from Yeshiva Boyan.

Someone who remembers him from the shop recalls Aron as a “lunatic genius,” completely antisocial but able to remember the location of every item in the store, down to the last screw. The managers assigned Aron to the back room, where he helped manage inventory, out of customers’ view. (My comment: This behavior is clearly the type of behavior of someone with frontal lobe brain damage that completely ruins social skills but can be very meticulous in a way that a normal person could not be)

(My continued comments: So while this crime is horrible clearly this brain injury and the lack of any compassion by the community for someone who had brain damage  played into his overreaction. Clearly if he never had this bike injury this would have never happened. 

In addition I do think if he did return this boy when the news came out he was missing he would have been labeled as some sicko because of his strange social behavior which was not his fault. He may have not got 40 years but I do think he would have charged with kidnapping and the fact he had such odd social behavior due to his brain injury the book would have been thrown at him and he would have been made into a monster although not to the same degree. He himself said he panicked because he did suspect no sympathy would have been showed with his own experience. 

Also interestingly one of the lawyers representing him this Ms. Mccann represented a woman who murdered her husband in a pretty gruesome manner and got 1-3 years. Some justice system we have and this hate that is heaped on any man that is different due to no fault of his own is not something to be proud of. And a man with clear prefrontal brain damage gets 40 years for a gruesome crime but clearly would not have happened without him suffering this serious  brain injury and the hate heaped upon him his whole life and few people mention itAnd in fact puts all of us in danger as men seen in this light can do almost anything because no matter what they do they will be seen as bad and the only think that seems appropriate is to hide anything you have done. 

His lawyers sadly were of no help to him either who just made defenses that can only be seen as excuses. Heard voices and such. 


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