Friday, August 31, 2012

Why did Aron Levi a man with prefrontal cortex brain damage know how to use knives .

Butcher knives Aron used. 

Today Aron Levi was sentenced to 40 years to life for this brutul murder of Leibby Kletzky in which he cut off his legs.

Just gruesome. Horrible!!

But clearly this man Aron Levy is has frontal cortex brain damage from a head injury he suffered in a bike accident as a child as these can cause damage to the frontal cortex of the brain. Symptoms, complete lack of social skills and very obsessive behavior which this man clearly had. Every article I read suggests that clearly there was something mentally wrong with the man. That leaves me to two serious questions.

#1 This being the case with this brain damage clearly certain skills he should not be taught. because he could then use them to hurt someone else. Like being a butcher and using sharp knives to cut meats.

#2. I hear autism thrown around all the time but clearly this guy had legitimate autism due to this brain injury to the frontal cortex. Yet there was never any sympathy for this man. Just, he is a loner and weird. What does that say about our community. We use Autism just for ourselves but someone who truly has this brain injury and we treat him like he is a bad person which from what I have read no sympathy seem to exist at all that hey look this guy had a brain injury that destroyed his ability to socialize like a normal person because of a head injury in a bike accident which clearly Aaron had. 1 gave Aaron the skills and 2 because he was always treated badly he was afraid to return this child who asked for directions and went crazy when hearing that people were looking for him.

Part of 2 don't know. It doesn't seem it was premeditated to kill a child but he did drug the child so part of this could just be to protect himself. And he did know to hide the evidence which is why he is not insane. But his reasoning is just bizarre and only someone who this kind of brain injury with these social problems would react in this way.

Here are some comments  about this guy. One person says well he is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Isn't that great!!! A man with a brain injury like this certain things should not be taught to him and to do so is irresponsible as he could use that skill against someone else. Clearly also they would need more supervision.

I will give credit that the father of this murdered child did sue the father feeling he should have heard something going on. Check out some of the articles.
He (Levi) suffered brain injuries in a car accident in his youth and was described by some as "slow."
When asked whether Aron had a mental disability, his boss - who asked not to be identified - replied, "Let's just say I'm an equal opportunity employer." (Any concern that maybe someone with a brain injury effecting social skills should not be taught certain things that could be used to hurt or injure someone else)

"I would never believe it. He worked here for years," said the employer.

One colleague at the Empire Supply hardware warehouse, who also requested anonymity, described the suspect as temperamental, but a hard worker.

"He's a funny guy," the colleague said. "We knew something was wrong with him but he worked very well."

And this from a prolific golfer, Moe Norman,who sounds similar to Aron Levi (also had a head injury in a skiing accident) but used his brain damage to the frontal cortex to become a great golfer although never won in the PGA and only played once because of his extreme shyness and social awkwardness due to this injury but his obsessive compulsiveness made him a great golfer. 


"Moe Norman suffered frontal lobe brain damage from a tragic childhood accident.

Research suggests that damage to the prefrontal cortex of the brain can occur when the brain smashed against the inside of the skill, and it’s a common result of high-speed automobile accidents that involve huge velocity changes, such as a rear-end collision or hitting a stationary object at high speed.

Further, doctors note that damage to the prefrontal cortex is associated with several DSM-IV disorders, including obsessive behaviors, and loss of social skills.

(Sounds identical to what Aron Levy had)

Moe’s friends have speculated that Moe is a higher functioning autistic, likening him to Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie "Rain Man.”

Clearly a person without this kind of brain damage would not have done this although where he learned these skills they also should be held to blame somewhat since a person with this kind of brain injury should not be taught certain things because this loss of social skill with knowing how to use a dangerous could lead to death or serious injury that would not be a risk for someone with a normal functioning frontal lobe.

So this whole story is bad all around. And we really should have some sympathy mixed with proper caution and safeguards with someone truly has a brain injury. Yet we make up cases with overall healthy kids with various mental illness and claim we want a cure but those who truly have brain injury we turn them into someone who is an undesirable and don't even mention that this person has a brain injury.


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