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Was Elvis really Jewish.?

I believe this whole Maternal Lineage idea goes against the basic idea of male female relations in the bible of a woman being the helpmate of a man if you really believe it then a man should take the woman's name not to confuse people. Some Jewish people even have this as some "secret" part of their culture. But why are we hiding this from others. If we truly believe it don't hide it. To hide it means you feel others wouldn't accept it and have any honest explanation as to why.

It also is impossible to prove since every woman in the chain is gong to have a different last name and she may have adopted the husbands religion. Which leads people to base it on hearsay which is what some people are doing here. The only true way would be DNA which as studies have shown this idea doesn't pass the DNA tests of even 400 years of European Jews that the female side a strong minority traces to the middle east but also there is a lot of European blood which on the male side is much more conclusive.

Written about this before. Honest people admit this was a later adoption although who are we to change the torah. Or the claim this was to prevent men from marrying non-Jewish women but doing this may cause women to decide to marry a non-Jew so this logic doesn't even make sense.

But back to Elvis here. Debbie Schlussel claims he is Jewish because his mother was even though the evidence is based on a star of David and Chai which maybe Sarah Palin is Jewish too with that logic. A star of table and cross is by his grave. 

Debbie shows that she really doesn't care about her own people. She openly mention how no Matriarchy has survived and for the USA she doesn't want to undermine fathers and men.  But for Jews it is ok for her. Nothing else needs to be said.  He was raised as a Christian and not sure why Debbie loves this man so man and wants to wrongly make her one of her own and to disrespect his father and  in addition is wrong about the mother as well from those checking this. In addition the immoral Sex and City supporting Aish Hatorah as well has claimed that Elvis was Jewish.

However, from another site this claim of her mother being Jewish may not even be true. As her mothers religion was into the Jewish aspect of Christianity and that is all.  This from the article. Here is the link (1) Don't agree with everything this site is saying but seem to have same honest info on Elvis.

"Elvis' mother was a devout member of the Pentecostal movement: whose theology; according to Hocken, focuses on taking Christianity back to its jewish roots and stresses both the Old Testament (so that the New Testament may fulfill it) as well as the idea that Pentecostal Christianity is the true revival of the true ideas of Jesus as embodied by his earliest jewish disciples. (12)

This theology; that stresses the jewishness of the Christian gospels, can easily explain the presence of both symbols on Gladys Presley's grave without in any way suggesting that she was of jewish ancestry in much the same way that the Magen Dovid has frequently been used in Christian art and architecture, which on the same logic would indicate that all Christians are in reality biologically jewish which is clearly not the case.

Therefore we cannot use the Magen Dovid on Gladys grave as 'evidence' of her or Elvis' jewishness."

It is interesting as well this site claims a Cohen and Levi can be Jewish if the father was. From the article.

I should also add that Elvis father certainly wasn't jewish either as; although the so-called 'Jewish-American Hall of Fame' doesn't discuss this possibility, it is possible to be halakhically jewish if your father is a member of the jewish priestly class (i.e. a member of the Kohanim or a Levite).

Which just shows that this whole Matriarchy thing is a ghetto Judaism idea in the first place and only applied to the Yisrael who as one of the tribes (and not being a Levi) would own land in Israel. Since men couldn't own property in many exiles and unlike a Cohen and Levi had no other special role that these two groups that isn't just relating to land. But of course it is silly since how can a person be Jewish if they don't own any land of the 12 tribes since her father is not from any of these tribes. Only can work if you are in some sort of exile and even then the evidence doesn't support that most Jews today would pass this test even going back a few hundred years that their Great Grandmother was Jewish.

Also some anti-semitic sites pick this up to attack Jews although they do admit regardless he was raised as a Christian which is another issue in itself.

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(12) Peter Hocken, 2009, 'The Challenges of the Pentecostal, Charismatic and Messianic Jewish Movements', 1st Edition, Ashgate: Farnham

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