Sunday, August 05, 2012

Tu B'Av and the Benjamin tribe problem only similar situation.

Of the reasons I have read. Again though this was an unusual situation that in NORMAL times a father would give their daughter to someone. Here though they claimed whoever gave their daughter to a Benjamin would be cursed. So the way around it was to let them take women during these dances so that way they weren't being given to them. See Judges 21:19-24.

This is the only story of this that is known and was only temporary for this generation due to this curse that they made then but wouldn't apply to another generation that weren't involved in this that caused the other tribes to make this decree against Benjamin.

But verse 21:24 says that there was no King and each did what  he though was right which makes it sound like that this way around it may have not even been the best way. They could have had this curse revoked by a Cohen I would think that since they have now surrendered and admitted their wrong doings that this curse could be undone by a Cohen like you do with a vow. Or even just say this curse we made back then we no longer abide by and no one who gives a daughter to a Benjaminite should be cursed with the curse we issued before when Benjamin was not acting properly but have now apologized.

This way around the law of course could lead to problems because the man taking the woman during this dance may not know much about the woman and the woman doesn't know much about him.

But if this is the only case why would anyone want this as something "normal" to imitate this that was done during a time when Benjamin was almost annihilated.

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