Monday, August 20, 2012

This Muslim idea came from the Israeli Prophet Issiah

In Chapter 58 which sadly Jews don't engage in this. And that is in their month of Ramadan they are suppose to feed at least one poor person. Which Issiah in this chapter says that part of fasting should make you understand what hunger is. If it doesn't then what is the purpose as Issiah states as God doesn't need us to suffer for the sake of suffering and God only asks us to fast on one day of the year which is Yom Kippur.

Jews don't have the custom of fasting at least giving them this idea of maybe feeding one poor person. Giving charity to some organization is not the same thing. It is different actually helping an actual poor person.

So I think all the fasting is overly harsh at least their is some idea to it that is proper although of course they don't acknowledge that this idea came from Issiah and that isn't right.

Also reading this sort of is actually why I personally am very fed up with so called religious Jews near where I live and look at their facebook profiles and am disgusted to  be quite frank.

Here in Issiah it says 58:7 not to hide from your own kin. That could mean relatives or others who are somewhat less well then you. Yet I see this behavior. all the time in the so called religious people of people who obviously know who you are and don't want invite you because you're live may make their wife and kids see that not everyone has such a perfect life. Of course by doing this they are only hurting those who are less connected and that can't be something that God approves that to claim to promote God you ignore those who don't have perfect life's because it is bad for your propaganda purposes. It is disgraceful! Many of them their obsessed with sports as are their wives who that men should just not care about anyone else. Just before I saw a woman who in her 30's just make Aliyah with her husband and shows herself posing as wonder women. I just ask myself what would a person in that it doesn't seem they have any concern about anyone who isn't part of their small clique and doing as well as them and I don't think it is something God appreciates. 

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