Thursday, August 23, 2012

Softim. False Witnesses. Do unto him what he wanted to do.

In the bible reading of this week for full discloser at this point in my life I rarely go the synagogue. But in the book of Deuteronomy it discusses what should be done to a witness who lies to hurt another person. 19:19 you shall do to him as he conspires to do to others..19:21 Your eye shall not have pity life for life eye for eye tooth for tooth, etc. If you read the translation this sounds the same as in another point but actually in hebrew the term is different then the place where it talks a pregnant woman that miscarriages. Here it is only two words with a Bet in front of the second word which usually means in an eye.

Why the different terminology is that in this case you are suppose to do to this person what he wanted done to the other person. Not sure why the Bet though. Anyway there is no case where you would take a persons eye out since there are other  ways to punish him and only for murder is taken his life the only way to make amends for it. While in other cases  that other means (lost wages)  can  make amends for it that he has to pay for the other persons suffering. And it uses a term Eye under and Eye (except here but already it is established that it isn't eye for an eye) while for murder it says you should surely be put to death in Hebrew and it is very active language.  (Pretty soon I will have hebrew to be able to type here).

And this action should cause fear in other to testify falsely that they will suffer the punishment they sent to inflict.  (19:20) In today's time people can make false accusation and nothing happens to him and if they had the same punishment if there were found out to be false they wouldn't  make the false charge. If people who made false charges of abuse they should suffer the same punishment they wanted to inflict by making this false charge.

This reason more then any is why I am not very involved in Jewish organized religion as most male Jewish religion leaders are falsely accusing people against what the laws of Moses says and attract people of the same ilk that make the environment very hostile and uncomfortable for me.  

More so my family that on my fathers side of the family some awful things have been done and false vague charges that the punishment is very severe  made against some people to ruin another man's marriage and it is utterly disgusting and I know the bible says you shouldn't be jealous of another man's wife that your marriage isn't as good so you try to wreck the other mans marriage.  And these people are considered Orthodox and upstanding members of the community. And it makes the God of Israel look bad and they really aren't following the laws of Moses at all.

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