Friday, August 24, 2012

Softim, 2 witnesses and could be of either gender.

100% disagree with it seems like many Rabbis that without any biblical evidence claim that only men can be witnesses. Read on as to what that would mean to apply the term "man" consistently.

The Rabbis position that it could only be men doesn't make any sense as it clearly is using the work "Ish" man in a generic form here. Since it originally says a single witness should not stand against any man. So does that means well that women can never be prosecuted for anything or punished for anything. Doesn't make sense since women do have value if you look at Leviticus and are created in the image of God just as men are. If they can't testify when they are a witness to a murder or other crime then how are they in the image of God since we are suppose to imitate the attributes of God one of them being justice. If a woman can't testify she is letting justice escape if she saw something that only one or two other people saw and her testimony would help in punishing the evil doer. 

What is the reasoning for Rabbis to claim this is only men that can testify.  Sad to say Judaism in the exile has mimicked certain behaviors of Christian and Islamic leaders. Many of their ideas can't appeal to a logically thinking man so they try to pander to women to be relevant and also play on various envies they have as well at times. Women that aren't well developed like men that basically tell them that they don't have to be involved with the world because they are a woman. Of course that goes against the idea that both men and women are created in God's image and both are capable of good and evil to a larger extent after Eve ate the apple and Adam went along with her and listened to her when she told Adam to disobey God.

I sadly see women like this who are adults and not children who act like being a woman exempts this from basic social behavior towards others and especially towards those weaker then them like children and the elderly. They really act like a child and it is terrible and can't make them happy as this is basically conceding that you have no control over your behavior and only men can control their behavior and be able to testify when they see wrongdoings and that is just absurd and makes God look ridiculous. But God never said this if you look at the passage of 19:15 in Deuteronomy where the term man here is obviously generic unless you believe that you can't testify if she commits murder as well because she is a woman.

This whole thing in my view is just Rabbis playing politics like other religions because they feel gong to the lowest common denominator with women may attract some women although it does not make women look good overall and see it again and again that this kind of mentality does not make women happy in the end and for obvious reasons as discussed.

I don't want to act like I know everything but it seems pretty basic here and I will say in this case Karaites agree and they are right here.

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