Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan a Fan of Ayn Rand (Ann O'Conner)

She was born to a Jewish family and obviously married to another culture. Rabbis of course will say her kids with the last name of O'Conner are Jewish but why if the Rabbis feel so strongly about this they should have the women take their name instead. How could any culture respect us doing this???  In fact you even read stories of wanting to tell the women to leave the husband because their kids are Jewish. As if the mother was forced against her will. This is no different then other religions taking a child claiming they are a Christian when according to the parents they are not.

Short diversion, but anyway.

But anyway Ann Rand from what I have was more for very much individualistic ideals. Although it is ironic that she was educated in Russia thanks to free government education there. Which ok. None of us are 100% pure of any ideology but she should at least realize this in her own life. And she did collect Social Security and Medicare when the time came even though she railed against using government and it didn't effect her ideas. Her idea of just the individualism in itself would be good isn't the only issue. Society has to reign in those who lie to get ahead which is based on the morality of the bible of not uses false weights and measures.  If people will do anything including lie and misrepresent to get ahead that is not really good for society. So I think Ann Rands whole focus on individualism is off although I admit never read her books. Without any sense of ethics and feeling a responsibility to not hurt others would lead to problems.

In addition, my own take is at least from my own understanding of the five books of Moses is that God certainly believed in free enterprise and that they were be different classes of people. Although the bible seem to feel that the main institution was the family unit. Not the individual. And sadly with a broken family system that will destroy and kind of economy because a broken family system does not put children  in a healthy situation growing up and causes distrust in this institution for those without connections and that is recipe for disaster which we are seeing in Europe and sadly soon here as well with very low birth rates and government promises that cause people to not do what is right since the government gives benefits that otherwise would cause people to have different behaviors.

I will likely vote for Romney-Ryan as being the lesser of two evils but not sure there really can solve the very deep problems America now has which the breakdown of the family is something that has to be addressed but would offend too many voters sad to say. You can't have so many fatherless homes and have a stable society that men are just seen as sperm donors and women who by nature are in a little bit more of a dependent state and by nature were created to be the helpmate of some man have turned to helping the men in the government rather then helping their husband.

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