Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mistranslation of the Hebrew by Rabbis and Jewish translators.

Added a label with the title "Biblical mistranslation". . As someone who knows some Hebrew it is important to point out mistranslations. As mistranslations do hurt those trying to understand the bible.

The biggest example is the eye for eye which actually the Hebrew means Eye Under and Eye. Which I guess could mean eye to replace an eye but using this kind of passive language is different then saying eye for an eye or in the case of the death penalty you should surely be put to death which in some other passages it defines how this could be done. Yet all religions use this passage to claim that either A. The bible can\'t be understood with them or B. That of course this is why the bible needed another phase. And some Muslim countries actually do this of taking a person eye it for an eye not even understanding the Hebrew says Eye under an eye. Anyway here is what else I wrote on this topic which people should be aware of the literal hebrew meaning here and other contexts in which this phrase (Ayin Tachat Ayin) is used. 

Also posted on this passage a while earlier with some ideas that no longer would agree with upon further reflection.

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philmwri said...

If you go to Kahana's hubpages he has an article called Samaritans and Karaites. Samaritans and Karaites beliefs are almost identical(except about Jerusalem and the prophets). Towards the end he writes about how the Samaritan text has better grammar than the Masoretic text. It's very intresting when you think about it.