Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some religious ignore the less fortunate who they know in their home.

As I see a lot of. I am just so disgusted by the level of selfishness and insular behavior by many who call themselves Orthodox that anyone who is somewhat less well off then them and they know them and went to school with them pretend they don't exist because they only want to show their wife and kids that everyone in our community is having it great and easy. It is just terrible and this is what Issiah said that I just read a few hours ago and thought would post it again.

Here in Issiah it says 58:7 not to hide from your own kin.  Yet they do just that pretending those a little less well off don't exist and the men focus on watching men play sports  and the women thinking how great they are and focusing on themselves and focusing on some politically correct issue. It is terrible.

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