Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brazilian women rebel against c-sections.

This from the link.

About half half C- sections and those in private insurance 82%. China has 46% and the US is now 33%.

A C-section is major surgery.

Quoted from the article.

"Because a C-section entails major abdominal surgery, risks for the mother include infections, complications from anesthesia, hemorrhage and dangerous clots, and a longer recovery. For the baby, the procedure is linked to increases in premature births, breathing problems, and generally lower health scores related to depriving babies of the stimulation they normally experience as they travel through the birth canal."

Here in the US increaed C-sections is due to frivilous law suits that lawyers claim if it wasn't for the c-section a child wouldn't cerebral palsy or various other problems. The cerebral palsy claim has been proven false as we now have more c-sections in the US up to 30% but cerebral palsy has not gone down. In fact c-sections may be worse for the baby someway but I guess lawyers usually only want to sue to make life more difficult for others not easier.  It use to be 10-15%. Now it is up to very high amounts.

Also women are not allowed to have someone on their side which they are technically but in the end they don't allow it.

One day when I was going to work on the subway there was a sign for lawyers with huge settlements if your baby is born premature of has developmental delays which could mean a significant number of women could sue and the lawyers since they are not doctors really are gong to use it to push their own agendas which they have used it to force c-sections.

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