Sunday, August 12, 2012

A woman I work with believes in this crazy technology conspiracy theory.

That robots will replace people and we should go back to simpler times. And that advancement in society is evil. Which to me it is another example of this envy that some people have to technology as they can't give credit to others that made it happen as are jealous of those that have skills they don't have.

They rationalize and don't even appreciate the advancements we have and are taught to blame something for the problems in today's society so for them it has to be some group they envy and of course some group of mostly men so technology is a good one to pick on.

I hope this isn't some kind of conspiracy her church has which wouldn't surprise me I am sorry to say since she is a teacher in her church and they feed a woman in her early 20's nonsense. As many male religious leaders can't give credit to those who have made society better so instead just attack them rather then attack the reasons for many of our problems which certainly isn't advancement due to technology where thank God I don't have to wake up in the morning and draw water or have very little light at night and have to rely on candles. I mean seriously. She thinks this is bad and some communist plot. Absurd.

She has told me that she is worried they will put a chip in her and that robots will take over (but people would have to create and maintain the robots) when she overheard a conversation that I had on communism which to her it seems that she actually thinks that people involved in technology or any advancement that society has had  are communists and want to use this to control people  and can't appreciate this although she uses her phone and other technology in some areas.

What this silly young woman misses is that communist countries and those that want to control others are behind technology wise as to produce technology is not easy. Those that want to control others usually lack skill which is why they get power not by doing something to make society better but by controlling others but in doing this they stifle creativity and don't believe others were created in the image of God to make this world a better place. Her view that technology is so simple to make that robots are going to take us over is part of her jealousy and envy and her lack of appreciation for the advancements made due to discoveries of the world that God created many things yet to be discovered.

 I really hope it is just her own silliness and not her church teaching this kind of hatred and crazy conspiracy theories that are just disgusting and based on needing a scapegoat that you are jealous of rather then look at the real issues although she is very involved so it does seem that her religion is tied in to this hatred of advancement of society which she uses but then claims it would be better without it.

To make robots would require people to make the robots work like people would require a person that isn't anti-social in the first place and would end up costing more then just using people. And since creativity is in some ways imitating God it is no coincidence that those that deny others are created in the image of God as they need to be controlled and micro-managed in every way are not very creative.

If you look at police states that is what you see as progress does not happen and the way they enslave people is not with technology. North Korea is way behind technology and they don't need technology to enslave people and this mentality has caused the state to produce nothing in any area as people now are starving to death as there isn't even a basic food supply.

The only thing that is a concern is if an evil person steal the hard work of someone else which has it's limits when you didn't do the work but it can have some bad consequences. But the idea that technology is a threat to humans as this woman was telling me is just a case of sour grapes sorry to say and really disgusting.

It seems to me it is another example of religious leaders and their envy and jealousy of those who have discovered things that have made everyone's life easier and increased the standard of living for everyone.


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