Friday, August 31, 2012

43% Like Candidates who'll tax the rich.

From Rassmussen.

43% Like Candidate Who’ll Tax the Rich; 41% Prefer One Against All Tax Hikes

Envy Politics. Of course some may have made it in a bad way but so what? Not everyone  has so why punish everyone because you feel some have become wealthy through immoral means. 

Back in 1912 when they started income tax only 1% fell into having to pay the income tax. It was started only for the wealthy and now of course everyone has it. So this type of politics never helps those in the lower ends and they will eventually be caught in this web. 

Same with Alternative Minimum Taxes which started because a few companies paid no income tax through various deductions. So again it was to make the rich pay their share. But this that was created now effects middle class families sometimes more then the very wealthy. 

This just shows how envy politics never works as the rules set for one group will eventually come down on you as well because why not. If you envy the wealthy then the people who play to this envy may envy you for different reasons. They may envy the Middle Class  family that has kids and think that you as well need to be punished if you have kids and some don't. 



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Phillip said...

I think in this economy many people like the idea of take from the rich give to the poor. If they only knew that after a while they too will be affected by that.