Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1973 Yom Kippur war was also during Ramadan.

Which I did not know until tonight. Was reading the Wikipedia article and this war clearly did change for the worse the image of Israel's military. Israel after this war was worried Israelis that they would not be able to defeat Egypt in another war which led to this peace treaty. Egypt did improve its own image that that Israels military was not as great as they saw in the 6 day war although they could not defeat Israel completely. Egypt does celebrate this war. During the first 2 days Israel lost more men in the military then any other war. Golda Meir resigned and this was a public relations disaster for Israel as many other in the military resigned as well as they became complacent after the six day war.

However, this war has very much significance in many ways when you realize it was during the holy month for Muslims as well. Egypt celebrates this war (as it did hurt Israel's image that it gained during the six day war) and during one of the celebrations was when Sadat was murdered by those in the Muslim Brotherhood.

The fact that this war had more success then others and it was during Ramadan and for Israel during it's holiday and Israels success was 2 days after their holiday does sadly give Egypt the sense that God may be on their side as some site claims. I as a Jew certainly think Israel needs a military but at the same time we do need God' to be with us and if Jews think it is only because of their military and their brains we are in trouble. And when a group thinks God is with them they will fight.

So the question why did God let Egypt win the first 2 days of this war that happened during the holiest day of the year for Jews and during Muslims holy month or Ramadan.

Could be many reasons including God not being happy with how they celebrate their holy day. Even more many Jews have become arrogant that it is also because of our army and our brains which yes we have to do what we have to do but there was no sense that God was with us as well and for that God was not with us on what we considered our holiest day of the year based on the bible.

It should be pointed out that this day was not the biblical day of Yom Kippur based on when the new moon is. Which was two days later when they started winning. Hillel II created the calender and manipulated the calender so holidays don't fall on certain days which no where does God allow this anymore then other religions wanting a holiday to be on a Sunday regardless of when the event really took place. God tells us to base the days on the new moon which we mostly do but the Rabbis have a few other factors that can cause the day to be a day or two off the real day and not only based on the new moon.

Nehemiah Gordon discusses this and that is interesting. Having said that though most Jewish people were doing what they know for good or for bad and were not actively rebelling against God. Think That maybe many   Jewish people became arrogant overall and felt this was all because of our military and had no humility that God helped protect them while they did what they had to do and for that God allowed our enemies to feel that on a religious basis God does not favor us since we  could not win on our holy day.

This of course that many Egyptians deep down don't feel God is with us and that we can be defeated. This would not be the case if not for the 1973 Yom Kippur-Ramadan  Fiasco in the first two days of this war. In the end our enemies will have to believe God is with us and for God to be with us we have to be deserving of this as well and follow God's laws which anyway even our enemies would acknowledge are just if we truly followed them. At this point I don't know but living in Israel requires more responsibility then living elsewhere and just to think it is our might and intelligence while doing things that pollute the land don't know what the end will be and I hope God has mercy on us as anytime God allows our enemies to harm it does hurt his own name but at times that is less then letting his people act in bad ways.


Anonymous said...

2'Christianity' was supposed to be the spiritual arm of Judaism as it was in Jesus' day and not after various alterations. In spite of alterations in Christianity, it still has a duty to pray for Israel. Jews are brothers of Christians and many Christians know it.

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for commenting. I think that is great you want to pray for Israel.

Well the way I see it is that Christianity did lead to interest in the Hebrew bible which without Christianity this wouldn't have happened since Jews themselves were not following their own religion and as a result people would not be interested in the Hebrew bible through how Jews behaved which in many ways they were distorting their own religion.

In terms of "spiritual arm" I have to say this term spirituality has come to mean today to be passive and just pray and focus on YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. Which not sure that anyway is true spirituality.

In fact in general to help others requires action and not just prayer. Just in general. The Bible creates laws that are meant to create a healthy society that those who are truly in the lower ends of society are not taken advantage of.

So in general in whatever you do action should be of importance and not just prayer because God gave us various skills to use and help others who are also created in the image of God and by doing that we truly show by our actions we love God.

Thanks for commenting.