Friday, August 31, 2012

Why did Aron Levi a man with prefrontal cortex brain damage know how to use knives .

Butcher knives Aron used. 

Today Aron Levi was sentenced to 40 years to life for this brutul murder of Leibby Kletzky in which he cut off his legs.

Just gruesome. Horrible!!

But clearly this man Aron Levy is has frontal cortex brain damage from a head injury he suffered in a bike accident as a child as these can cause damage to the frontal cortex of the brain. Symptoms, complete lack of social skills and very obsessive behavior which this man clearly had. Every article I read suggests that clearly there was something mentally wrong with the man. That leaves me to two serious questions.

#1 This being the case with this brain damage clearly certain skills he should not be taught. because he could then use them to hurt someone else. Like being a butcher and using sharp knives to cut meats.

#2. I hear autism thrown around all the time but clearly this guy had legitimate autism due to this brain injury to the frontal cortex. Yet there was never any sympathy for this man. Just, he is a loner and weird. What does that say about our community. We use Autism just for ourselves but someone who truly has this brain injury and we treat him like he is a bad person which from what I have read no sympathy seem to exist at all that hey look this guy had a brain injury that destroyed his ability to socialize like a normal person because of a head injury in a bike accident which clearly Aaron had. 1 gave Aaron the skills and 2 because he was always treated badly he was afraid to return this child who asked for directions and went crazy when hearing that people were looking for him.

Part of 2 don't know. It doesn't seem it was premeditated to kill a child but he did drug the child so part of this could just be to protect himself. And he did know to hide the evidence which is why he is not insane. But his reasoning is just bizarre and only someone who this kind of brain injury with these social problems would react in this way.

Here are some comments  about this guy. One person says well he is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Isn't that great!!! A man with a brain injury like this certain things should not be taught to him and to do so is irresponsible as he could use that skill against someone else. Clearly also they would need more supervision.

I will give credit that the father of this murdered child did sue the father feeling he should have heard something going on. Check out some of the articles.
He (Levi) suffered brain injuries in a car accident in his youth and was described by some as "slow."
When asked whether Aron had a mental disability, his boss - who asked not to be identified - replied, "Let's just say I'm an equal opportunity employer." (Any concern that maybe someone with a brain injury effecting social skills should not be taught certain things that could be used to hurt or injure someone else)

"I would never believe it. He worked here for years," said the employer.

One colleague at the Empire Supply hardware warehouse, who also requested anonymity, described the suspect as temperamental, but a hard worker.

"He's a funny guy," the colleague said. "We knew something was wrong with him but he worked very well."

And this from a prolific golfer, Moe Norman,who sounds similar to Aron Levi (also had a head injury in a skiing accident) but used his brain damage to the frontal cortex to become a great golfer although never won in the PGA and only played once because of his extreme shyness and social awkwardness due to this injury but his obsessive compulsiveness made him a great golfer. 


"Moe Norman suffered frontal lobe brain damage from a tragic childhood accident.

Research suggests that damage to the prefrontal cortex of the brain can occur when the brain smashed against the inside of the skill, and it’s a common result of high-speed automobile accidents that involve huge velocity changes, such as a rear-end collision or hitting a stationary object at high speed.

Further, doctors note that damage to the prefrontal cortex is associated with several DSM-IV disorders, including obsessive behaviors, and loss of social skills.

(Sounds identical to what Aron Levy had)

Moe’s friends have speculated that Moe is a higher functioning autistic, likening him to Dustin Hoffman's character in the movie "Rain Man.”

Clearly a person without this kind of brain damage would not have done this although where he learned these skills they also should be held to blame somewhat since a person with this kind of brain injury should not be taught certain things because this loss of social skill with knowing how to use a dangerous could lead to death or serious injury that would not be a risk for someone with a normal functioning frontal lobe.

So this whole story is bad all around. And we really should have some sympathy mixed with proper caution and safeguards with someone truly has a brain injury. Yet we make up cases with overall healthy kids with various mental illness and claim we want a cure but those who truly have brain injury we turn them into someone who is an undesirable and don't even mention that this person has a brain injury.


43% Like Candidates who'll tax the rich.

From Rassmussen.

43% Like Candidate Who’ll Tax the Rich; 41% Prefer One Against All Tax Hikes

Envy Politics. Of course some may have made it in a bad way but so what? Not everyone  has so why punish everyone because you feel some have become wealthy through immoral means. 

Back in 1912 when they started income tax only 1% fell into having to pay the income tax. It was started only for the wealthy and now of course everyone has it. So this type of politics never helps those in the lower ends and they will eventually be caught in this web. 

Same with Alternative Minimum Taxes which started because a few companies paid no income tax through various deductions. So again it was to make the rich pay their share. But this that was created now effects middle class families sometimes more then the very wealthy. 

This just shows how envy politics never works as the rules set for one group will eventually come down on you as well because why not. If you envy the wealthy then the people who play to this envy may envy you for different reasons. They may envy the Middle Class  family that has kids and think that you as well need to be punished if you have kids and some don't. 



Friday, August 24, 2012

Softim, 2 witnesses and could be of either gender.

100% disagree with it seems like many Rabbis that without any biblical evidence claim that only men can be witnesses. Read on as to what that would mean to apply the term "man" consistently.

The Rabbis position that it could only be men doesn't make any sense as it clearly is using the work "Ish" man in a generic form here. Since it originally says a single witness should not stand against any man. So does that means well that women can never be prosecuted for anything or punished for anything. Doesn't make sense since women do have value if you look at Leviticus and are created in the image of God just as men are. If they can't testify when they are a witness to a murder or other crime then how are they in the image of God since we are suppose to imitate the attributes of God one of them being justice. If a woman can't testify she is letting justice escape if she saw something that only one or two other people saw and her testimony would help in punishing the evil doer. 

What is the reasoning for Rabbis to claim this is only men that can testify.  Sad to say Judaism in the exile has mimicked certain behaviors of Christian and Islamic leaders. Many of their ideas can't appeal to a logically thinking man so they try to pander to women to be relevant and also play on various envies they have as well at times. Women that aren't well developed like men that basically tell them that they don't have to be involved with the world because they are a woman. Of course that goes against the idea that both men and women are created in God's image and both are capable of good and evil to a larger extent after Eve ate the apple and Adam went along with her and listened to her when she told Adam to disobey God.

I sadly see women like this who are adults and not children who act like being a woman exempts this from basic social behavior towards others and especially towards those weaker then them like children and the elderly. They really act like a child and it is terrible and can't make them happy as this is basically conceding that you have no control over your behavior and only men can control their behavior and be able to testify when they see wrongdoings and that is just absurd and makes God look ridiculous. But God never said this if you look at the passage of 19:15 in Deuteronomy where the term man here is obviously generic unless you believe that you can't testify if she commits murder as well because she is a woman.

This whole thing in my view is just Rabbis playing politics like other religions because they feel gong to the lowest common denominator with women may attract some women although it does not make women look good overall and see it again and again that this kind of mentality does not make women happy in the end and for obvious reasons as discussed.

I don't want to act like I know everything but it seems pretty basic here and I will say in this case Karaites agree and they are right here.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Softim. False Witnesses. Do unto him what he wanted to do.

In the bible reading of this week for full discloser at this point in my life I rarely go the synagogue. But in the book of Deuteronomy it discusses what should be done to a witness who lies to hurt another person. 19:19 you shall do to him as he conspires to do to others..19:21 Your eye shall not have pity life for life eye for eye tooth for tooth, etc. If you read the translation this sounds the same as in another point but actually in hebrew the term is different then the place where it talks a pregnant woman that miscarriages. Here it is only two words with a Bet in front of the second word which usually means in an eye.

Why the different terminology is that in this case you are suppose to do to this person what he wanted done to the other person. Not sure why the Bet though. Anyway there is no case where you would take a persons eye out since there are other  ways to punish him and only for murder is taken his life the only way to make amends for it. While in other cases  that other means (lost wages)  can  make amends for it that he has to pay for the other persons suffering. And it uses a term Eye under and Eye (except here but already it is established that it isn't eye for an eye) while for murder it says you should surely be put to death in Hebrew and it is very active language.  (Pretty soon I will have hebrew to be able to type here).

And this action should cause fear in other to testify falsely that they will suffer the punishment they sent to inflict.  (19:20) In today's time people can make false accusation and nothing happens to him and if they had the same punishment if there were found out to be false they wouldn't  make the false charge. If people who made false charges of abuse they should suffer the same punishment they wanted to inflict by making this false charge.

This reason more then any is why I am not very involved in Jewish organized religion as most male Jewish religion leaders are falsely accusing people against what the laws of Moses says and attract people of the same ilk that make the environment very hostile and uncomfortable for me.  

More so my family that on my fathers side of the family some awful things have been done and false vague charges that the punishment is very severe  made against some people to ruin another man's marriage and it is utterly disgusting and I know the bible says you shouldn't be jealous of another man's wife that your marriage isn't as good so you try to wreck the other mans marriage.  And these people are considered Orthodox and upstanding members of the community. And it makes the God of Israel look bad and they really aren't following the laws of Moses at all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Some religious ignore the less fortunate who they know in their home.

As I see a lot of. I am just so disgusted by the level of selfishness and insular behavior by many who call themselves Orthodox that anyone who is somewhat less well off then them and they know them and went to school with them pretend they don't exist because they only want to show their wife and kids that everyone in our community is having it great and easy. It is just terrible and this is what Issiah said that I just read a few hours ago and thought would post it again.

Here in Issiah it says 58:7 not to hide from your own kin.  Yet they do just that pretending those a little less well off don't exist and the men focus on watching men play sports  and the women thinking how great they are and focusing on themselves and focusing on some politically correct issue. It is terrible.

1973 Yom Kippur war was also during Ramadan.

Which I did not know until tonight. Was reading the Wikipedia article and this war clearly did change for the worse the image of Israel's military. Israel after this war was worried Israelis that they would not be able to defeat Egypt in another war which led to this peace treaty. Egypt did improve its own image that that Israels military was not as great as they saw in the 6 day war although they could not defeat Israel completely. Egypt does celebrate this war. During the first 2 days Israel lost more men in the military then any other war. Golda Meir resigned and this was a public relations disaster for Israel as many other in the military resigned as well as they became complacent after the six day war.

However, this war has very much significance in many ways when you realize it was during the holy month for Muslims as well. Egypt celebrates this war (as it did hurt Israel's image that it gained during the six day war) and during one of the celebrations was when Sadat was murdered by those in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Was Elvis really Jewish.?

I believe this whole Maternal Lineage idea goes against the basic idea of male female relations in the bible of a woman being the helpmate of a man if you really believe it then a man should take the woman's name not to confuse people. Some Jewish people even have this as some "secret" part of their culture. But why are we hiding this from others. If we truly believe it don't hide it. To hide it means you feel others wouldn't accept it and have any honest explanation as to why.

It also is impossible to prove since every woman in the chain is gong to have a different last name and she may have adopted the husbands religion. Which leads people to base it on hearsay which is what some people are doing here. The only true way would be DNA which as studies have shown this idea doesn't pass the DNA tests of even 400 years of European Jews that the female side a strong minority traces to the middle east but also there is a lot of European blood which on the male side is much more conclusive.

Written about this before. Honest people admit this was a later adoption although who are we to change the torah. Or the claim this was to prevent men from marrying non-Jewish women but doing this may cause women to decide to marry a non-Jew so this logic doesn't even make sense.

But back to Elvis here. Debbie Schlussel claims he is Jewish because his mother was even though the evidence is based on a star of David and Chai which maybe Sarah Palin is Jewish too with that logic. A star of table and cross is by his grave. 

This Muslim idea came from the Israeli Prophet Issiah

In Chapter 58 which sadly Jews don't engage in this. And that is in their month of Ramadan they are suppose to feed at least one poor person. Which Issiah in this chapter says that part of fasting should make you understand what hunger is. If it doesn't then what is the purpose as Issiah states as God doesn't need us to suffer for the sake of suffering and God only asks us to fast on one day of the year which is Yom Kippur.

Jews don't have the custom of fasting at least giving them this idea of maybe feeding one poor person. Giving charity to some organization is not the same thing. It is different actually helping an actual poor person.

So I think all the fasting is overly harsh at least their is some idea to it that is proper although of course they don't acknowledge that this idea came from Issiah and that isn't right.

Also reading this sort of is actually why I personally am very fed up with so called religious Jews near where I live and look at their facebook profiles and am disgusted to  be quite frank.

Going to have to start resumes out again.

A number of things are going on in my life but do need some work even if it is on temp basis as the two jobs working at now work is starting to get less and after September 15th likely will only be the job working for Greeks at best twice a week. If you know any leads feel free to comment here or email me here. Thanks.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Good article in the NY Sun on Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand.

That discusses that in some ways Paul Ryan doesn't really live up to Ayn Rand whatever that would mean. Which actually is a good thing as she was a writer that in some ways didn't practice what she preached and her education itself was based on government paying for education.

From the article.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Paul Ryan a Fan of Ayn Rand (Ann O'Conner)

She was born to a Jewish family and obviously married to another culture. Rabbis of course will say her kids with the last name of O'Conner are Jewish but why if the Rabbis feel so strongly about this they should have the women take their name instead. How could any culture respect us doing this???  In fact you even read stories of wanting to tell the women to leave the husband because their kids are Jewish. As if the mother was forced against her will. This is no different then other religions taking a child claiming they are a Christian when according to the parents they are not.

Short diversion, but anyway.

But anyway Ann Rand from what I have was more for very much individualistic ideals. Although it is ironic that she was educated in Russia thanks to free government education there. Which ok. None of us are 100% pure of any ideology but she should at least realize this in her own life. And she did collect Social Security and Medicare when the time came even though she railed against using government and it didn't effect her ideas. Her idea of just the individualism in itself would be good isn't the only issue. Society has to reign in those who lie to get ahead which is based on the morality of the bible of not uses false weights and measures.  If people will do anything including lie and misrepresent to get ahead that is not really good for society. So I think Ann Rands whole focus on individualism is off although I admit never read her books. Without any sense of ethics and feeling a responsibility to not hurt others would lead to problems.

In addition, my own take is at least from my own understanding of the five books of Moses is that God certainly believed in free enterprise and that they were be different classes of people. Although the bible seem to feel that the main institution was the family unit. Not the individual. And sadly with a broken family system that will destroy and kind of economy because a broken family system does not put children  in a healthy situation growing up and causes distrust in this institution for those without connections and that is recipe for disaster which we are seeing in Europe and sadly soon here as well with very low birth rates and government promises that cause people to not do what is right since the government gives benefits that otherwise would cause people to have different behaviors.

I will likely vote for Romney-Ryan as being the lesser of two evils but not sure there really can solve the very deep problems America now has which the breakdown of the family is something that has to be addressed but would offend too many voters sad to say. You can't have so many fatherless homes and have a stable society that men are just seen as sperm donors and women who by nature are in a little bit more of a dependent state and by nature were created to be the helpmate of some man have turned to helping the men in the government rather then helping their husband.

1- Photo from Wikipedia 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Brazilian women rebel against c-sections.

This from the link.

About half half C- sections and those in private insurance 82%. China has 46% and the US is now 33%.

A C-section is major surgery.

Quoted from the article.

"Because a C-section entails major abdominal surgery, risks for the mother include infections, complications from anesthesia, hemorrhage and dangerous clots, and a longer recovery. For the baby, the procedure is linked to increases in premature births, breathing problems, and generally lower health scores related to depriving babies of the stimulation they normally experience as they travel through the birth canal."

Here in the US increaed C-sections is due to frivilous law suits that lawyers claim if it wasn't for the c-section a child wouldn't cerebral palsy or various other problems. The cerebral palsy claim has been proven false as we now have more c-sections in the US up to 30% but cerebral palsy has not gone down. In fact c-sections may be worse for the baby someway but I guess lawyers usually only want to sue to make life more difficult for others not easier.  It use to be 10-15%. Now it is up to very high amounts.

Also women are not allowed to have someone on their side which they are technically but in the end they don't allow it.

One day when I was going to work on the subway there was a sign for lawyers with huge settlements if your baby is born premature of has developmental delays which could mean a significant number of women could sue and the lawyers since they are not doctors really are gong to use it to push their own agendas which they have used it to force c-sections.

A woman I work with believes in this crazy technology conspiracy theory.

That robots will replace people and we should go back to simpler times. And that advancement in society is evil. Which to me it is another example of this envy that some people have to technology as they can't give credit to others that made it happen as are jealous of those that have skills they don't have.

They rationalize and don't even appreciate the advancements we have and are taught to blame something for the problems in today's society so for them it has to be some group they envy and of course some group of mostly men so technology is a good one to pick on.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mistranslation of the Hebrew by Rabbis and Jewish translators.

Added a label with the title "Biblical mistranslation". . As someone who knows some Hebrew it is important to point out mistranslations. As mistranslations do hurt those trying to understand the bible.

The biggest example is the eye for eye which actually the Hebrew means Eye Under and Eye. Which I guess could mean eye to replace an eye but using this kind of passive language is different then saying eye for an eye or in the case of the death penalty you should surely be put to death which in some other passages it defines how this could be done. Yet all religions use this passage to claim that either A. The bible can\'t be understood with them or B. That of course this is why the bible needed another phase. And some Muslim countries actually do this of taking a person eye it for an eye not even understanding the Hebrew says Eye under an eye. Anyway here is what else I wrote on this topic which people should be aware of the literal hebrew meaning here and other contexts in which this phrase (Ayin Tachat Ayin) is used. 

Also posted on this passage a while earlier with some ideas that no longer would agree with upon further reflection.

Tu B'Av and the Benjamin tribe problem only similar situation.

Of the reasons I have read. Again though this was an unusual situation that in NORMAL times a father would give their daughter to someone. Here though they claimed whoever gave their daughter to a Benjamin would be cursed. So the way around it was to let them take women during these dances so that way they weren't being given to them. See Judges 21:19-24.

This is the only story of this that is known and was only temporary for this generation due to this curse that they made then but wouldn't apply to another generation that weren't involved in this that caused the other tribes to make this decree against Benjamin.

But verse 21:24 says that there was no King and each did what  he though was right which makes it sound like that this way around it may have not even been the best way. They could have had this curse revoked by a Cohen I would think that since they have now surrendered and admitted their wrong doings that this curse could be undone by a Cohen like you do with a vow. Or even just say this curse we made back then we no longer abide by and no one who gives a daughter to a Benjaminite should be cursed with the curse we issued before when Benjamin was not acting properly but have now apologized.

This way around the law of course could lead to problems because the man taking the woman during this dance may not know much about the woman and the woman doesn't know much about him.

But if this is the only case why would anyone want this as something "normal" to imitate this that was done during a time when Benjamin was almost annihilated.

Tu B'Av. Women trying to attract men they may not know much about?? Is this true or an urban legend.

Just this week was T'Av

1-Picture from

   Anyway, there are many problems with this holiday. I wrote about it last year as well with one basic problem with the holiday celebrating that woman no longer have to marry within their tribe if their father had no sons to preserve their fathers name. That is something to celebrate?? The OU in their site made it out like the norm would be that a woman would have no brothers and therefore this was generally restrictive which I would think the norm was that a woman had a brother more times then not. Wouldn't you?? Click Here for my post from last year

  It seems like an urban legend to me. Marriage and the relationship between a man and a woman and true love and respect for each other is something God deeply cares about which is why so much of the bible has many laws and  the book starting with the first man and woman in Adam and Eve.

  However, should we expect a woman to just marry any man. The Tu'Bav celebration claims we should. Unmarried woman try to attract a man that they should marry them. I would hope not right away which is part of what makes this story hard to believe. On the woman's side it is nothing to celebrate that a woman would have to do this to get married and not know much about the man. In normal times a woman would hope to marry a man she knows something about. In really bad times a woman would not expect anything for a man but did not want to be unmarried as this was seen in the eyes of others as shameful. That isn't something to celebrate!! The worst case is mentioned in Issiah when many men of their own nation were killed. 4:1 And seven women will grasp one man on that day saying We will eat our own food and wear our own clothes just let us be called by your name and end our disgrace. Women willing to marry and not asking the man to support them in any way.

 It almost is celebrating an underclass. Of women who have no other way of meeting a man which doesn't speak well of us as a people that they couldn't help a poor woman get married and would want women to do this which in real terms how do they know men who are interested in them in this kind of event are good for them unless this is only an event just for first meeting.

  So for those reasons I really think this is more of a legend and if it did have to be done it isn't something to celebrate. All wearing white clothes doesn't change the meaning that women have no other way of meeting men and here they may expose themselves to men who themselves may not be good material.

  So while I do think marriage is important for all of us both men and women I would hope that not too many people would be reduced to this and if a woman was reduced to this I would think at least she would try to reach a man she knows something about.