Saturday, July 28, 2012

Would God want the temple in Jersualem to be rebuilt today.

Today is the day in which Jews mourn the loss of the temple which occurred around the 8th-10th day of the 5th month of the year which the first month is the month in which Passover is celebrated.

Both temples were destroyed during that time. In addition World War I started then which paved the way for WWII  in which 6 million Jews were murdered simply because one of their Grandparents were Jewish due to Hitler the Austrian who won election in Germany. 

The temple was where various sacrifices were brought and the presence of God was there and God instructs us how the temple was to be built in the Five Books of Moses.

Jews would like the temple to be rebuilt or else why would they mourn this as I hope don't just do it as just because it seems others are without any understanding why.

The answer certainly is the way Rabbinic Judaism is practiced they allow all unmarried women to be impure once they hit puberty and men as well as the only people the Rabbis seem to want purity laws to be focused on is married women of childbearing age. See Leviticus Chapter 15.  By doing this impurity would spread and we would defile the temple to which God warns verse 31 of this chapter "you shall put the Israelites on guard against their uncleanliness lest they die through their uncleanliness by defiling my tabernacle which is among them. The Rabbis have twisted these laws to bash men but the man has his own impurity and if this really was the case then why would a woman's impurity have to do with being of childbearing age and has nothing to with being married or unmarried.

Some Karaites in the past did try to keep these laws the proper way which men and unmarried women become impure as well and will give credit where credit is due. I wrote about it in the past and here is the link. Not sure though the reason is for men and "ritual" service. In the past many women would menstruate far less then today.  Of course in inheritance Karaites ignored what it said in Numbers Chapter 27 that only if there are no sons does the property go to daughters and when this happens later on it mentions that women have to marry within their tribe if they inherited their fathers property and only then. As in inheriting the property the women have additional responsibility. Anyway this is the prior post.

As to the why a woman is not impure because of her husband and to be clean for her husband. The best answer I have heard  is she is impure because menstruation only happens of a woman of childbearing age and  by not using these years properly she is bringing blood into the world which certainly low birth rates are creating much danger in many countries. And the man's impurity is that he wants to feel pleasure from dreaming about an attractive women when  God created this attraction for the purpose of impregnating and caring for a woman which of course is a responsibility which in both cases sexuality has responsibilities attached to it and when used in this way it is a beautiful things and when not it makes us lower then animals as even animals use these drives to create more animals of their speices and don't waste it. 

Of course there are times where you really can't afford more children but when sexuality is seen in its proper role this hopefully would push a person to make the world a better more family oriented place that people can afford to get married and have children.

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