Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Were all Israelies, both male, female, young, old at Mount Sinai.

This photo is from Wikipedia article on biblical mount Sinai.

Judaism, unlike both Christianity and Islam is NOT based on one man claiming he heard from God and him and the leaders he picks we should follow because he had special communication from God which we should accept on blind faith.

There was a revelation to the nation as a whole. And while Moses spoke for God as they asked in Exodus 20:16 "You speak to us and and we shall hear let God not speak to us lest we die"

The issue is, were all Israelies there. Were children there? It did state that they should clean their clothes and be pure  and the men should not draw near a women (Exodus 19:15). which Moses told the people although God didn't specifically mention the women part. In addition God says in the 10th command not to covet your neighbors wife or anything else of your neighbor (Ex 20:14) This clearly is talking to men.

So was most of the people at the mountain adult Israeli males? Could be since there was the danger of touching the mountain so it wouldn't be for children to be there and the women have been taking them and the woman could be at the time of the month they are impure as well so as a result and to normal activites women had to do for their children who were not at an age to be at the mountain so they weren't there. The men though of course would share this experience with their wife who could not be there which these all laws apply to her in her own doings. This would be similar with Adam and Eve where God seem to specifically command Adam not eat from the tree which he of course then told his wife what God ahd told him. (Genesis 2:16-17)

Today though you have women going to a male religious leader to learn about God mostly through a male Rabbi and not at all their husband. Which we have adopted bad practices of other religions. That would be the case if God specifically spoke to one man that only him and his followers could you learn about God from and other men who aren't part of this small clique you can't learn about God. But clearly Moses specifically spoke to the men with these type of commands seemingly with the men sharing this with their wives who could not be there since they had to take care of the children among others reasons it could be a problem for most women of child bearing age. Although I guess older women would be able to be there. Moses here specifically spoke to the men of what God wanted and not to women. I know many today would consider Moses a sexist.

Anyway, does anyone have anything to add to this analysis or disagree with my analysis from the Jewish bible? Feel free to comment.

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