Saturday, July 28, 2012

Web Yeshiva promotes Jew in the City for controversial Jewish issues

And make sure to have a nice picture of her and have her name as Ms. not Mrs. and only at the end of the article do you find out she is married. Is this appropriate?  What kind of creepy Rabbi calls  a women Ms. as if she is not married. A young married women with small children who didn't grow up Orthodox should be working for male Rabbis about controversial issues and she suddenly is an expert on Jewish issues in the world. Does this make sense to you.

 And to have the name of your blog Jew and the City a take on Sex and the City as if those are the types we should be attracting in the first place. Women that have been brainwashed to think men have it easy and are always oppressing women. Similar to the hatred towards Jews that they oppress everyone and control everything.

 In this link above claims that Judaism is all compassion and not being judgmental. Really!!! I mean the Israelite God is a God who has mercy but 'non judgmental'. God gave the 10 commandments with Thunder and Lightning that anyone who touched the mountain would perish and told the Israelites that they would be punished if they don't follow this bible was given to them.

Why, anyway, would they be promoting a women like this over women who have lived in the community longer and can be more honest about our issues. The answer is pretty obvious. She looks good and she doesn't know much and can basically repeat the Rabbis talking points which she does a good job of although not sure as a married women should be the helpmate of Rabbis. And attract other women who only care about external appearance. She like other women who end up being the helpmate of Rabbis has said awful things about men who are struggling financially which the Rabbis love to oppress other men as it gives them more control.

And much of what the media doesn't like about Judaism is what it says in our bible even though many Jews including so called Orthodox Jews don't really follow and are themselves offended. All she does is repeat the Rabbis who try to wiggle out of things which does not change what is being said and decrease any of the popular media's hatred towards Jews because they hate our God and anyway they would conclude that she is just trying to deny our terrible religion because it is clear what it says and she is trying to pretend it doesn't say what it clearly does and the consequences don't fit the rationalization the Rabbis claim.

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