Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sha'ul Yahukhenun, Karaite, jealous of men who created technology.

He is either a Karaite or suppoorter of Karaites. They have some good criticism of Rabbis and the Talmud which some ideas of the Talmud do openly contradict the bible.

Update: Sha'ul did respond to this post which see the comment below for my response.

There mentality though is similar to Rabbis as if this idea of being some religious man is some sort of "career". 

  They seem to view themselves as self anointed leaders who want to use this to control other men and are always jealous of other men in absolute violation of the bible they claim to uphold that warns not to be envious of the other man and his property or his wife or anything of his neighbor.. (Exodus 20:14) Full name is Sha'ul Bayn Yakukhenun on Facebook.

Rabbi Wein has claimed that this developed from a right between two brothers for power and that is how the Karaite movement came to be which is that is true it is likely both were wrong and were good at seeing the other sides weakness but were only using religion to advance themselves.

Clearly they developed out of response to Rabbis and their "Oral" torah as the name Karaite means witten the Hebrew word Karah. Point taken that something "oral" can't be proven and everything in the written torah has proof and witnesses something that can't be said regarding the Talmud.

But this guy (like many of this movement and many Rabbis and men in their group) is full of hatred and jealousy towards other men. He claims the perfect would will be like living without technology as if technology is evil. Of course he uses Facebook. He posted this recently on his facebook. Disgusting. Read further on what I have to say.

God created this world for many mysteries to be solved which men have done and advanced the word.
These men deserve credit for their hard word in discovering this and God of course wants us to use technology to be able to make this world a better place. But when Envy rears its ugly head they can't give credit to other men which is wrong. And worse hiding behind God as if God views technology as evil which is nonsense. He is full of crap and a hypocrite anyway. This is a recent post which is utterly disgusting with this picture. Why doesn't he move to North Korea where no electricity, no toilets in the gulags, and they live in the earth. What a sick hateful creep that him and his wife just are jealous of another man and their improvements to the world. Many Jews men as well have been very much part of technology advances. White male????  This is racism.

This guy in addition is married and claims he is interested in women because him and his wife believe in polygamy which yes it is "allowed" but it was never encouraged as clearly the ideal was one man and one woman starting with Adam and Eve and he makes this as his reason for liking the Jewish part of the bible which he completely misses the point. Again his use of religion for himself and always being jealous and hating other men which he then uses God to rationalize which is wrong and he is making God look bad in the process.


Sha'ul bayn Yahukhenun ha Yahudah said...

This is not at all an honest representation of my identity or beliefs. I am not a Karaite nor do I support Karaites. I have never claimed to be a leader, and have only ever claimed to be a follower of YaH and a servant of the Most High. There is certainly no jealousy regarding anyone on this planet. I have a lovely wife and children and a wonderful relationship with the Creator. I do not need nor want anything else.
I have never said that technology is evil as the blogger claims. Nor am I against technology. Anyone who actually clicks on the Native American picture you posted, copied from my Facebook profile, will note that there is nothing there about technology being evil. The comment of the wise Native is that things were very well with Natives enjoying life and nature prior to modern Caucasian dominance and destruction. It is to show how far we have come from a natural way of life. That is not to say that we CAN go back to the way things were, nor that there are no benefits to modern society and technology. Nor have I ever said so.
The blogger stated "He is full of crap"... Really? Such as? "... and a hypocrite." Really? In what way? I do look forward to you actually quoting me for once when you decide to answer and provide your proof. As you know, bringing a false accusation against someone is against Turah (Law), as well as gossip and an evil tongue which you have already committed, in talking behind my back without any notification to me or due process.
By the way, blogger, whoever you are... your writing is very poor. I'm surprised anyone reads your stuff. Have a great day, and may the Most High YaH favour and keep you.
Anyone who wishes to speak to me about my views on modern-day lifestyle and technology can email me at

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for responding. I did try to be fair in what I see in your writing as someone myself who is trying to follow God and have some comments on my own to respond.

First of all, as I said I suspect you are either a Karaite or a supporter of them because I see you on many of their pages on Facebook. You at least support them to some degree. It just doesn't seem honest to say otherwise.

Second of all, don't you see that this page and photo that I posted that I saw on your page is in itself bearing false witness. Evil whites. Whites are not one people. That in itself is a very racist statement don't you think so. They were having an easy life and having sex all the time as this is what I read here. Seriously!! Working the land was very hard work. To think it was easy is simply not true and clearly this man is speaking out of envy and he is using the technology he claims to have made his life more difficult to air his grievances in the most base way possible by claiming "arrogant white males" and he was having sex all the time. I myself see this as nothing but sour grapes that he has because he is said nothing about how he is being hurt. Just making outrageous claims that sound made up to me which is what people who have envy of someone else do.

So I am sorry from posting this it does show envy on your part. To believe such outlandish claims when any person knows while it may be a noble living to work the land it is hard work and not easy which this man claims.

Thirdly, you say you hae a good relationship with YAHWEH. Like any other relationship it is a two way street. It is God to decide if this is a good relationship. Maybe you think it is but maybe God doesn't.

Lastly, in terms of my writing yes my writing is not perfect and has some typos. Some people don't like reading that and trying to keep this to a minimum. At the same time I do present my own ideas which hopefully can attract some people as people like to hear someones honest thoughts about various topics.