Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rough day at work today at this Greek company. Guy yelled at me after he ended up looking bad.

Dear Blog,
Update:  Well this passed without any major problem as still working there for good or for bad and do appreciate giving me some work even though this other guy (who doesn't work for my boss but is Greek and related) at this time was a bit nasty to me.

Nothing terrible was said but this guy just got upset at me and yelled at me. This Greek job I am working at. My Boss is Greek down and has been decent to me. And this guy is related not sure how.

He talks loudly to women sometimes and talks about personal things in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. It started by him telling me he was starving and has no time to talk which wasn't even true.

So at a certain point (at some point I need to get up) I went over and said that you're not hungry and said it is ok and sort of wanted to shake his hand and he just told me to calm down when he was shaking and then he went into my upset and told me not to come into his office again which I didn't do anyone and called me boss as if I DID SOMETHING TERRIBLE TO HIM. He said I jumped. The way he talks makes me a little nervous and he talks in a way that you feel he is trying to get you to react someway. Even told him my Uncle also named George. Thing he got upset becuase the way he reacted to me looked bad on his part as he likes to play this guy and sadly put down other guys and he was shown here to be himself abusive in the way he treated me. Which sadly lived long enough to know that is usually thw way it is with men who talk to women and like to tell them how bad other men are and how nice women are. It really is twisted. Wonder if their wives also being in an unhappy marriage want their husband to tell other women lies about men as she doesn't want a woman to be married and happy as that would make her jealous. This idea of any BODY MOVEMENT A MAN MAKES WHEN HE HIMSELF FEELS UNCOMFORTABLE enough to make someone call my boss is just terrible. I have been there a year on and off so they do know me for good or for bad and and are used to me.

Like I said have lived long enough to know that sadly men that will try to find anything to put down another man usually do it because they are threatened by any man who has more skills or is more respected then they are. And they realize that in todays time a lot of women themselves are taught to believe lies about men so they know how to use that to keep men down for their own reasons. This type of relationship anyway just gives the vicious cycle going as know woman can respect a man that does this so it just reinforces their idea that men are all bad although a decent men doesn't have the need to put down other men to make a woman feel good.

But after today don't know what the future holds here. It didn't get really out of control but my boss may feel if he doesn't like me I am the odd man work. He doesn't work directly with my boss (he has his own company) but still. They may still need me however so will see what happens going forward. My Boss who also is a soccer coach is just busy the next two weeks with 4 games in the next 2 weeks including one Saturday and one Sunday.

It is funny because this guys name is George and he is I think the youngest child in a family and have an Uncle the same way who had older brothers and sisters.

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