Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moses angry that the Israelites spared the Midianite women!!

Most of organized religion and their male leaders puts women on a pedestal. My own view is some women are noble and some are not and some are in between. Their reason for doing this to be quite frank is as a smoke screen so women won't realize that actually they don't want women to take their jobs by always telling them how great they are and excuse some of their bad behavior which some women like. As always it takes two to tango.

But what happens in this book in the end of Numbers

Here is what I wrote last year and it could be my views have changed to some degree or maybe not from what I wrote or my focus was a little different.

Moses is angry with the Israelies having compassion on Midainite women who after all tried and succeeded in seducing some men. In this case compassion was wrong and was actually putting love of women above love of God and of your own nation and its morals. Some organized religious leaders would find this "offensive" but God does believe women are to be held accountable for their actions and are capable of doing the right thing. In fact this whole idea of women always being so fragile and not in any control of anything is actually really not believing that women have any ability to raise above their most base desires and instincts.

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