Saturday, July 28, 2012

Me posting on the Shabbath. Am I rationalizing?

Obviously people look at this and wonder well this guy here is posting on the Sabbath and what is up with that. I would like to hear your own take if you feel my reasoning is just self serving and based on my own bias or possible envies and hatreds. I admit overall I have little respect for Rabbis because I have seen in my own family how it seems Rabbis are nothing but political hacks who support various socialist ideals just to benefit themselves at the expense of their own people. Jewish Men never elected Rabbis to rule over them which is why they abuse other men at will if they don't help their own career which I have personally witnesses and heard some horrible stories.

But getting back to this. Clearly the pupose of the Shabbos is to refrain from the work done during the week. 6 days you should work and one day is a day of rest. So you have to ask yourself what is work? Should Rabbis define what work is. Like many religious leaders to be right you have to be as strict as possible which is actually man made religion and doesn't show wisdom.

I did read from Melech Ben Ya'aqov in that the best definition is what normally what you would define as work. Was thinking myself would you pay someone for doing this? Technology has made some activities that once were work no longer work. For example you wouldn't pay someone to turn on a light. Technology has made this something that is no longer work to create light in a home. And anyone any Jewish home is they really need to turn off a light they will and I can't consider it work. Would anyone disagree with that?

The other thing is that it seems on Shabbos that the temple did it's work. They offered sacrifices on the Shabbath. So the type of work that was forbidden was the typical work to feed yourself. Of course Rabbis give lectures on the Shabbath and prepare a lecture. Normally that is work but to share God's word is ok.

So that being the case again I don't consider using technology to be work. Typing which I am doing is work (as you would pay someone to do that) but just as giving a lecture is work the focus here is on promoting my deeper thoughts about God and religion.

 I am not getting paid for this blog  and thankfully I do get work during the week and may have to work tomorrow which if fine. I am not one of those that my life is just this blog and I wouldn't want that.  You are suppose to work 6 days. Some of the stuff here I don't feel I should be paid for since I am sharing my bible which in some ways has been distorted by many Jewish leaders Rabbis and Karaites as well which I feel should do my best to promote what God says is someone comes across this blog. and I do mention it on Facebook and Twitter.

So  is my reasoning wrong here. I never go shopping on Shabbos I don't focus on what I do for a living which is being an accountant and try to spend my Shabbos sharing some of my understanding of God and also trying to improve my hebrew and using the computer which again I don't see if I am using a book or a computer to study a language that many of my own people speak is somehow bad.

Also I do think that sadly part of religious Judaism and the Rabbis like a post I recently wrote about a Karaite Jew has tremendous envy and jealousy towards men in various spheres and this has played in having Shabbos being that you can't use technology unless some Jewish man thought of the idea of a Shabbos clock as they can't give credit to other men and other Jewish men who aren't part of their club and that is terrible. How is that a day of God to make technology as some sort of evil when in reality that has allowed certain activities to no longer be work which once was work and very hard work at that. The answer in my view is again envy.  It is reaching a point of absurdity when you now have e-readers which can help those who live in apartments and don't have a lot of space for books. Tapping a screen is work????

Lastly, it is very sad to me in Israel I am very aware that technology and some of the development of flash memory has been developed in Israel. This has helped Israels economy and likely gives jobs to many people. Do the religious acknowledge these men. I don't see it. Instead they always attack the so called "secular world" but to be honest if it wasn't for them would there be much of an economy in Israel. Someone please answer that for me since I don't live there among the other things I have mentioned here. Thank you.

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