Sunday, July 29, 2012

It seems lesser police jobs for women are taking jobs away that could be giving to older cops.who worked on a beat

Are pension system is unsustainable. Sadly though at my job a Greek woman mentioned that a female cop that is doing planning and other jobs that are less dangerous. Are they getting paid less. They should but I would wager they aren't and get the same benefits due to the EEOC which does not allow you to see men and women different even though everyone does. Even worse some of these jobs could be used for older cops who maybe are too old for the beat but their life experience would allow them to contribute in other ways. This would be better then just collecting a pension but now that some of the non-beat jobs are given to women for "equality" purposes the men don't have this and that doesn't help anyone that cops just retire and collect huge pensions and can't contribute in some way that they would earn their pay in a less dangerous position due to their age.

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