Sunday, July 22, 2012

It does concern me that both Nefesh B'Nefesh both female advisors of go North use hyphenated names.

Their names are these

Michele Kaplan-Green
Tamara Klinger-Levi

The first is the director and one is the employment director. If they don't even want to take their husbands names well they help me or just use me and if I am not useful for their agendas discard me in a situation that I am somewhat helpless.

The first one has a profile on Facebook as well that talking about a new type of Jew that seems odd to me.

There clearly are those that just want Israel to be some headquarters for the socialism and feminism which is not something I support and would not be good for me or really for us as a people.

I see few women that use hyphenated names so it bothers me seeing 2/2 here. Some have both their names on Facebook so old friends can find them. But this is different. And again, for people who will need some help since they have to learn a new language and learn how the country works for good and for bad this concerns me since I know times where men are used and then thrown to the curb and if these women don't want to just have their husbands name then me as just a man they don't know it concerns me they just want to use me and won't really try to do what is in the best interest of both me and Israel.


Josh Sussman said...

I can tell you with a very high degree of certainty that both women will do anything in their power to ensure that you and others will have a successful Aliyah. They are professional, kind, caring and always put the Oleh first.

Analytical Adam said...

Hi there! It is nice to hear from someone who has made Aliyah using Nefesh B'Nefesh. Having said that you really increase my fears.

First of all if I may ask what do you do for a living?

Secondly, despite what you may think in the exile we have developed a lot of bad ideas that exist in our religion and part of living in Israel is hopefully weed us out of that and truly live according to the Jewish Bible to the best of our ability. Yet, I see that it seems some are living in Israel and might as well be leaving in some Ghetto as they seem to think that LIVING ON THE LAND has no responsibility in trying to learn what God really wants and that living there magically makes God let you live the same Ghetto lifestyle when living in other nations that wanted to undermine Jewish men.

I looked at your wife's blog and I am really not thrilled of what I read to be quite honest. You wife loves that your sons watch an NBA ball game and that you also are a sports fanatic.
Do you have your own opinions or your wife is the only one allowed to share her thoughts and she likes the fact that you are a sports fanatic since she thinks that is all men do is throw a ball and are brainless. Are you allowed to have an opinion to share or you just as a slave to same male leader In the Ghettos this is what many leaders liked to appoint as a male leader. One who would be mean to other Jewish men and enslave them and kissing up to women isn't a threat. After all Pharoah only wanting to kill the boys which some want to do this to Jewish men.

Jewish men were not allowed to own property in the exile and this did effect our views of manhood. In addition many men were not allowed to have noble positions and this also effected our views of manhood. But if your wife has such a low view of you and her sons that she is happy you watch sports and thinks this is what normal Jewish men should do and write about it I am sorry you still live in the Ghetto.

This is exactly what frightens me. These women of Nefesh B'Nefesh feel it wrong to just take their husbands name (which is likely out of shame or something) so if I am not a sports fanatic and actually try to engage in activities that require many important functions of both the brain and heart they will hate me and think I am not a real Jewish men and discard me and leave me hanging.

"I can't believe you live in Israel in a settlement and your wife is bragging that your son's watch the NBA finals and not feel some sense that this really is not anywhere near the highest level of achievement and not feel that your so called community really could be dong better in trying to raise boys who are morally good and have many other physical and intellectual skills.

Analytical Adam said...

This is the post that I find offensive to compare Hebron to the NBA

which by the way I get mail from the Hebron Fund which I have written about on this blog in that they brag about 10 women with their children (without their husbands) in Hebron. This is disgusting and a slap in the face to the example set by Abraham and Sarah as when it came to where to settle Sarah followed Abraham even when they had to leave Israel. Yet here we have women leaving their husbands and I know a male Rabbi being their pseudo husband. It is disgusting. How can we get God protection of this land when we as much as anyone else are insulting what Sarah stood for. This of course brings other nations to not believe we should have this land if we don't honor what Abraham and Sarah stood for and are ashamed of it.