Monday, July 16, 2012

Interesting about Greece and the Orthodox church and Orthodoxy in general.

This if from wikiepdia.

Accordingly  the Greek Orthodox Chruch is the official state chruch of Greece and that most at least say they are Orthodox. And 81% belief in God. The second part is good and the first part not sure organized religion is always positive of any religion sad to say as they can abuse their position and not help the people that they claim to represent.

Since I have been working part time at a job with Greek-Americans notice that they like to be outwardly Christian. I suspect for a number of reasons the biggest being that the Christian Bible was written Greek even though interestingly enough these Greek speakers weren't actually Greek themselves and Christianity main country of influence did not start with Greece and many were slow to adopt Christianity from my own search on the internet. But the language is important in understanding what was really said in the Christian Bible I would gather.

According to this link as well 90% belong to the "Orthodox" Church. Does Greece have less problems then in any European countries. Sadly, no. They have a birth rate of 1.3 which along with Spain and Italy is very low and not sustainable with a reverse pyramid and in addition have retirement at a relatively young age which also isn't sustainable. So has being Orthodox in Greece led to better family life and people working hard. Sadly, the answer seems to be not really. This I think does show that those who think that being Orthodox religious will solve their problems or their countries problems Greece shows this is not the case.

From what I can see Greeks are more Orthodox for political and social reasons more then truly trying to do what God wants and as a result they don't have lesser problems then in any country that is not as Orthodox in their religious affiliation.  As someone being Jewish feel the same is true for most Jews who call themselves "Orthodox". It is more for political and social reasons then truly following the law that God gave them. 
Most of my family that is the case. Their behavior privately shows they don't care in many ways what God says. They also label themselves this way which a truly Godly person would understand that others are the ones who sense if you truly are God fearing or not.


fschmidt said...

Greece has the lowest illegitimacy rate in Europe, so they must be doing something right.

Analytical Adam said...

OK. Fair point. But their overall birth rate of 1.3 suggests that there are some real issues in male-female relationship for it to be that low. People being Orthodox is not creating an overall healthy situation for male-female relationships to develop. That is the only conclusion I can reach as I myself am a virgin that is never been married and just not doing something negative (not having an illicit relationship) is just that.
Avoiding something I shouldn't do. For a world to flourish it isn't just about NOT doing things you shouldn't be doing. And despite not having illegitimate children which is a very bad and hard especially for the child who is the product of two immoral parents. But in intact families where the children are the product of the two married parents something is very wrong in their families and the kind of message received that their culture has such low birth rates and the religious leaders don't seem to care and actually support policies and promote ideas and hatred towards other men that create this. In the place I work I do see this by one of the women there who has a son and views him as learning disabled and it seems it has more to do with envy towards men that causes her to keep men down that she has to blame on a disability.

fschmidt said...

Unfortunately there is no perfect religion in modern times, not even close. Humanity today is an embarrassment to human history, and this applies to all religions. The ideal religion would be one that simply followed the Torah combined with common sense and an understanding of history. Nothing comes close. All we can do is to select from the least bad religions. The least bad nontrivial religions are Orthodox Judaism and Orthodox Christianity. One can join one of these and then work on improving it. This is what I am doing in Orthodox Christianity.

Analytical Adam said...

I really have to strongly disagree with you here. I don't know much about it but I work with two women who are teachers for the men of the Church and they seem to not like men very much and want to do everything themselves in terms of work and everything else and just have some token man. The problem with that of course is to do that they are going to waste their childbearing years to be able to do everything themselves or need a Grandparents to watch their kid which is only possible in a small family to begin with. So all of that is leading to very low birth rates and I do think the religious is part of the reason as they benefit if women aren't married.