Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cops knocked in my apartment at 10:45 PM Sat Night due to SOMEONE ELSES DOMESTIC SITUATION OF A DAY AGO.

This was really something else and it is sad what the country of the United States is coming. Two cops knocked at my door at 10:45 PM Saturday knocking on the wrong apartment. Then they tell me it is for the person who is downstairs with his girlfriend that he should sign something. So basically cops coming late at night to force a man to sign something. Is this the land of the free. Friday Morning the girlfriend from downstairs was talking to two cops.

It is making me very nervous. I am upset the cops can''t even get the right apartment and don't even apologize and tell me what is gong on between a man and his girlfriend which why is that my business other then the police trying to intimidate me as well telling me that any girl can come running to us and we well then force you to sign something at 10:45 at night which I can't believe it was something good.

This women down there is very unfriendly and one night were giggling very lawless way and she knows that I saw here talking to the cops and in most of these situations it is rarely one sided and it looked to me like she was scheming to me. I feel I should stay away but I have to walk past their apartment as I live above them. I can't respect a woman who I think is using the police to get her boyfriend in trouble. She seems to have kids from a previous marriage so  she knows how to play games and likely has done this before. Used the police to get rid of men which sadly today's society police and various politicians benefit from telling women they are saving them from terrible men and trust us the men who work for the government when many times they are just falsely screwing men with few connections just to look good politically.. In the past cops in most cases did try if there was a husband and wife that were arguing a lot to calm things down. Today they make it worse and actually push the women to hurt the man and in some cases (especially with DV shelters will even punish the women if she doesn't as sadly women can be much meaner to another women then any man could be that doesn't fit their agenda.

The way they behaved A. Knocking on the wrong door B. Telling me about something they were going to give to another man at 10:45 and force them to sign which just tell me your looking for x, y and z and C. Not apologizing didn't make me think the cops in this area know what they are doing and this women is making me nervous that she may call the cops on me because she sees I don't trust her although most people think I am decent so she would lose credibility by doing this but who knows. I don't see her as a victim though and because I don't she may try to call the police on me. Who knows,. I don't know. I seriously hope not but who knows as there are people like this who know how to always call police instead of dealing with issues. It seems they both have social problems but in our sick society the men are turned into monsters while the women can go on to the next man and continue their anti-social behavior. So many women remain very anti-social with the men in the government allowing them to screw other men.


Anonymous said...

so entertaining! you are the worst writer and clearly mentally ill!

Analytical Adam said...

Uh-Huh. Well. If I was "mentally" ill how could I write at all that you could claim I am the worst writer. Doesn't writing require mental skill.

It is clear you are the type that anyone who doesn't see things the way you do is "mentally ill". That is really arrogant of you as if what "you" think is the only way to think.

Ok, Mr or Mrs Anonymous. It is scary to see people like this.