Sunday, July 22, 2012

Congrats to Hebrew Podcast on their 100th lesson.

They have a good system. It is a husband and wife and their daughter with the lessons.  I don't agree with the Kibbutz lifestyle which they have a lesson and a few other items they push on their lessons but that is not why I am subscribing to them. I am to try to improve my modern Hebrew and they do have a good program with podcasts, lesson guides, flash cards, quizzes, and a hangman type of game for phrases from each listen all of which is very helpful. And for only $70 a year. Can't beat that. Here is their video sampler which they picked lessons from the beginner lessons. They have about 1/3rd beginner, 1/3rd intermediate, and 1/3rd advanced. Myself am learning the most from intermediate at the moment.

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