Saturday, July 28, 2012

Article on the Hebron Fund dishonring the memory of Sarah.

Reposting this. Since an Oleh from Nefesh B'Nefesh posted this comparing Hebron to the NBA which shows very low level view of men and insulting to Abraham and Sarah. Will God wants us to have this land with posts like this.

Especially comparing Hebron the NBA from this blog of a Nefesh B'Nefesh oleh which doesn't make me feel that I have any right other then to be a brainless man that is a slave to the male Rabbi (even though God spoke to Jewish men at Mount Sinai through Moses and it wasn't one man on blind faith and this kind of mentality imitates the worst of religions that one man without witness claims to have heard from God)

as that is what envious women like today as they are jealous of men who use the gray matter in their brain and actually are just practicing bad ideas that imitated other religions. And male Rabbis have always played to this envy. The same blogger who doesn't care much about the founding fathers. But a 23-29 year old male who yes is a talented basketball player is better then a founding father and deserves more then the founding fathers. As a Jewish men I feel articles like this only cause people to really believe Jews are self centered low level bad people that have no aprreciation for anything and the country they grew up in. I still live here.

Hebron actually DOESN'T JUST HAVE SIGNIFICANCE TO THE JEWS. Abraham was the father of the arab people as well and Ishmael did bury Abraham with Issac. If we don't respect what they stood for who could others trust us and why should God allow us to have the land if we are just trampling on what Abraham and Sarah stood for.

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