Saturday, July 28, 2012

A women asked me yesterday about a 20 year old Jeiwsh women who was married.

As if somehow something is wrong with getting married at 20. I don't think it is she dislikes Jews more then anyone else just she is jealous of another women who is married and her own lifestyle (she herself is 24) doesn't make her happy. Of course nobody at 20 knows everything but if they have an ability to learn from others as life happens and have some older people who have more life experience who are helpful then it shouldn't really be a problem. This women who made this comment to me is going into special ed and her jealousy can be a problem is this creates where she wants to take a child away from a parent who is she jealous of especially is she works with other women with the same mentality. This of course is a threat to those who are married if many women who are married are jealous of them and have jobs where they can use government power to force divorces and take children away. This woman as well teaches for some Greek church which in this case her male religious leader is corrupt and just play to women who envy others both women who are married and men who make more money then they do and like using these young attractive women (she is fairly attractive as most women her age would be) for their own selfish purposes.

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