Sunday, July 29, 2012

It seems lesser police jobs for women are taking jobs away that could be giving to older cops.who worked on a beat

Are pension system is unsustainable. Sadly though at my job a Greek woman mentioned that a female cop that is doing planning and other jobs that are less dangerous. Are they getting paid less. They should but I would wager they aren't and get the same benefits due to the EEOC which does not allow you to see men and women different even though everyone does. Even worse some of these jobs could be used for older cops who maybe are too old for the beat but their life experience would allow them to contribute in other ways. This would be better then just collecting a pension but now that some of the non-beat jobs are given to women for "equality" purposes the men don't have this and that doesn't help anyone that cops just retire and collect huge pensions and can't contribute in some way that they would earn their pay in a less dangerous position due to their age.

Cops knocked in my apartment at 10:45 PM Sat Night due to SOMEONE ELSES DOMESTIC SITUATION OF A DAY AGO.

This was really something else and it is sad what the country of the United States is coming. Two cops knocked at my door at 10:45 PM Saturday knocking on the wrong apartment. Then they tell me it is for the person who is downstairs with his girlfriend that he should sign something. So basically cops coming late at night to force a man to sign something. Is this the land of the free. Friday Morning the girlfriend from downstairs was talking to two cops.

It is making me very nervous. I am upset the cops can''t even get the right apartment and don't even apologize and tell me what is gong on between a man and his girlfriend which why is that my business other then the police trying to intimidate me as well telling me that any girl can come running to us and we well then force you to sign something at 10:45 at night which I can't believe it was something good.

This women down there is very unfriendly and one night were giggling very lawless way and she knows that I saw here talking to the cops and in most of these situations it is rarely one sided and it looked to me like she was scheming to me. I feel I should stay away but I have to walk past their apartment as I live above them. I can't respect a woman who I think is using the police to get her boyfriend in trouble. She seems to have kids from a previous marriage so  she knows how to play games and likely has done this before. Used the police to get rid of men which sadly today's society police and various politicians benefit from telling women they are saving them from terrible men and trust us the men who work for the government when many times they are just falsely screwing men with few connections just to look good politically.. In the past cops in most cases did try if there was a husband and wife that were arguing a lot to calm things down. Today they make it worse and actually push the women to hurt the man and in some cases (especially with DV shelters will even punish the women if she doesn't as sadly women can be much meaner to another women then any man could be that doesn't fit their agenda.

The way they behaved A. Knocking on the wrong door B. Telling me about something they were going to give to another man at 10:45 and force them to sign which just tell me your looking for x, y and z and C. Not apologizing didn't make me think the cops in this area know what they are doing and this women is making me nervous that she may call the cops on me because she sees I don't trust her although most people think I am decent so she would lose credibility by doing this but who knows. I don't see her as a victim though and because I don't she may try to call the police on me. Who knows,. I don't know. I seriously hope not but who knows as there are people like this who know how to always call police instead of dealing with issues. It seems they both have social problems but in our sick society the men are turned into monsters while the women can go on to the next man and continue their anti-social behavior. So many women remain very anti-social with the men in the government allowing them to screw other men.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Would God want the temple in Jersualem to be rebuilt today.

Today is the day in which Jews mourn the loss of the temple which occurred around the 8th-10th day of the 5th month of the year which the first month is the month in which Passover is celebrated.

Both temples were destroyed during that time. In addition World War I started then which paved the way for WWII  in which 6 million Jews were murdered simply because one of their Grandparents were Jewish due to Hitler the Austrian who won election in Germany. 

The temple was where various sacrifices were brought and the presence of God was there and God instructs us how the temple was to be built in the Five Books of Moses.

Jews would like the temple to be rebuilt or else why would they mourn this as I hope don't just do it as just because it seems others are without any understanding why.

The answer certainly is the way Rabbinic Judaism is practiced they allow all unmarried women to be impure once they hit puberty and men as well as the only people the Rabbis seem to want purity laws to be focused on is married women of childbearing age. See Leviticus Chapter 15.  By doing this impurity would spread and we would defile the temple to which God warns verse 31 of this chapter "you shall put the Israelites on guard against their uncleanliness lest they die through their uncleanliness by defiling my tabernacle which is among them. The Rabbis have twisted these laws to bash men but the man has his own impurity and if this really was the case then why would a woman's impurity have to do with being of childbearing age and has nothing to with being married or unmarried.

Some Karaites in the past did try to keep these laws the proper way which men and unmarried women become impure as well and will give credit where credit is due. I wrote about it in the past and here is the link. Not sure though the reason is for men and "ritual" service. In the past many women would menstruate far less then today.  Of course in inheritance Karaites ignored what it said in Numbers Chapter 27 that only if there are no sons does the property go to daughters and when this happens later on it mentions that women have to marry within their tribe if they inherited their fathers property and only then. As in inheriting the property the women have additional responsibility. Anyway this is the prior post.

As to the why a woman is not impure because of her husband and to be clean for her husband. The best answer I have heard  is she is impure because menstruation only happens of a woman of childbearing age and  by not using these years properly she is bringing blood into the world which certainly low birth rates are creating much danger in many countries. And the man's impurity is that he wants to feel pleasure from dreaming about an attractive women when  God created this attraction for the purpose of impregnating and caring for a woman which of course is a responsibility which in both cases sexuality has responsibilities attached to it and when used in this way it is a beautiful things and when not it makes us lower then animals as even animals use these drives to create more animals of their speices and don't waste it. 

Of course there are times where you really can't afford more children but when sexuality is seen in its proper role this hopefully would push a person to make the world a better more family oriented place that people can afford to get married and have children.

Me posting on the Shabbath. Am I rationalizing?

Obviously people look at this and wonder well this guy here is posting on the Sabbath and what is up with that. I would like to hear your own take if you feel my reasoning is just self serving and based on my own bias or possible envies and hatreds. I admit overall I have little respect for Rabbis because I have seen in my own family how it seems Rabbis are nothing but political hacks who support various socialist ideals just to benefit themselves at the expense of their own people. Jewish Men never elected Rabbis to rule over them which is why they abuse other men at will if they don't help their own career which I have personally witnesses and heard some horrible stories.

But getting back to this. Clearly the pupose of the Shabbos is to refrain from the work done during the week. 6 days you should work and one day is a day of rest. So you have to ask yourself what is work? Should Rabbis define what work is. Like many religious leaders to be right you have to be as strict as possible which is actually man made religion and doesn't show wisdom.

I did read from Melech Ben Ya'aqov in that the best definition is what normally what you would define as work. Was thinking myself would you pay someone for doing this? Technology has made some activities that once were work no longer work. For example you wouldn't pay someone to turn on a light. Technology has made this something that is no longer work to create light in a home. And anyone any Jewish home is they really need to turn off a light they will and I can't consider it work. Would anyone disagree with that?

The other thing is that it seems on Shabbos that the temple did it's work. They offered sacrifices on the Shabbath. So the type of work that was forbidden was the typical work to feed yourself. Of course Rabbis give lectures on the Shabbath and prepare a lecture. Normally that is work but to share God's word is ok.

So that being the case again I don't consider using technology to be work. Typing which I am doing is work (as you would pay someone to do that) but just as giving a lecture is work the focus here is on promoting my deeper thoughts about God and religion.

 I am not getting paid for this blog  and thankfully I do get work during the week and may have to work tomorrow which if fine. I am not one of those that my life is just this blog and I wouldn't want that.  You are suppose to work 6 days. Some of the stuff here I don't feel I should be paid for since I am sharing my bible which in some ways has been distorted by many Jewish leaders Rabbis and Karaites as well which I feel should do my best to promote what God says is someone comes across this blog. and I do mention it on Facebook and Twitter.

So  is my reasoning wrong here. I never go shopping on Shabbos I don't focus on what I do for a living which is being an accountant and try to spend my Shabbos sharing some of my understanding of God and also trying to improve my hebrew and using the computer which again I don't see if I am using a book or a computer to study a language that many of my own people speak is somehow bad.

Also I do think that sadly part of religious Judaism and the Rabbis like a post I recently wrote about a Karaite Jew has tremendous envy and jealousy towards men in various spheres and this has played in having Shabbos being that you can't use technology unless some Jewish man thought of the idea of a Shabbos clock as they can't give credit to other men and other Jewish men who aren't part of their club and that is terrible. How is that a day of God to make technology as some sort of evil when in reality that has allowed certain activities to no longer be work which once was work and very hard work at that. The answer in my view is again envy.  It is reaching a point of absurdity when you now have e-readers which can help those who live in apartments and don't have a lot of space for books. Tapping a screen is work????

Lastly, it is very sad to me in Israel I am very aware that technology and some of the development of flash memory has been developed in Israel. This has helped Israels economy and likely gives jobs to many people. Do the religious acknowledge these men. I don't see it. Instead they always attack the so called "secular world" but to be honest if it wasn't for them would there be much of an economy in Israel. Someone please answer that for me since I don't live there among the other things I have mentioned here. Thank you.

Sha'ul Yahukhenun, Karaite, jealous of men who created technology.

He is either a Karaite or suppoorter of Karaites. They have some good criticism of Rabbis and the Talmud which some ideas of the Talmud do openly contradict the bible.

Update: Sha'ul did respond to this post which see the comment below for my response.

There mentality though is similar to Rabbis as if this idea of being some religious man is some sort of "career". 

  They seem to view themselves as self anointed leaders who want to use this to control other men and are always jealous of other men in absolute violation of the bible they claim to uphold that warns not to be envious of the other man and his property or his wife or anything of his neighbor.. (Exodus 20:14) Full name is Sha'ul Bayn Yakukhenun on Facebook.

Rabbi Wein has claimed that this developed from a right between two brothers for power and that is how the Karaite movement came to be which is that is true it is likely both were wrong and were good at seeing the other sides weakness but were only using religion to advance themselves.

Clearly they developed out of response to Rabbis and their "Oral" torah as the name Karaite means witten the Hebrew word Karah. Point taken that something "oral" can't be proven and everything in the written torah has proof and witnesses something that can't be said regarding the Talmud.

But this guy (like many of this movement and many Rabbis and men in their group) is full of hatred and jealousy towards other men. He claims the perfect would will be like living without technology as if technology is evil. Of course he uses Facebook. He posted this recently on his facebook. Disgusting. Read further on what I have to say.

Web Yeshiva promotes Jew in the City for controversial Jewish issues

And make sure to have a nice picture of her and have her name as Ms. not Mrs. and only at the end of the article do you find out she is married. Is this appropriate?  What kind of creepy Rabbi calls  a women Ms. as if she is not married. A young married women with small children who didn't grow up Orthodox should be working for male Rabbis about controversial issues and she suddenly is an expert on Jewish issues in the world. Does this make sense to you.

 And to have the name of your blog Jew and the City a take on Sex and the City as if those are the types we should be attracting in the first place. Women that have been brainwashed to think men have it easy and are always oppressing women. Similar to the hatred towards Jews that they oppress everyone and control everything.

A women asked me yesterday about a 20 year old Jeiwsh women who was married.

As if somehow something is wrong with getting married at 20. I don't think it is she dislikes Jews more then anyone else just she is jealous of another women who is married and her own lifestyle (she herself is 24) doesn't make her happy. Of course nobody at 20 knows everything but if they have an ability to learn from others as life happens and have some older people who have more life experience who are helpful then it shouldn't really be a problem. This women who made this comment to me is going into special ed and her jealousy can be a problem is this creates where she wants to take a child away from a parent who is she jealous of especially is she works with other women with the same mentality. This of course is a threat to those who are married if many women who are married are jealous of them and have jobs where they can use government power to force divorces and take children away. This woman as well teaches for some Greek church which in this case her male religious leader is corrupt and just play to women who envy others both women who are married and men who make more money then they do and like using these young attractive women (she is fairly attractive as most women her age would be) for their own selfish purposes.

Moses angry that the Israelites spared the Midianite women!!

Most of organized religion and their male leaders puts women on a pedestal. My own view is some women are noble and some are not and some are in between. Their reason for doing this to be quite frank is as a smoke screen so women won't realize that actually they don't want women to take their jobs by always telling them how great they are and excuse some of their bad behavior which some women like. As always it takes two to tango.

But what happens in this book in the end of Numbers

Here is what I wrote last year and it could be my views have changed to some degree or maybe not from what I wrote or my focus was a little different.

Article on the Hebron Fund dishonring the memory of Sarah.

Reposting this. Since an Oleh from Nefesh B'Nefesh posted this comparing Hebron to the NBA which shows very low level view of men and insulting to Abraham and Sarah. Will God wants us to have this land with posts like this.

Especially comparing Hebron the NBA from this blog of a Nefesh B'Nefesh oleh which doesn't make me feel that I have any right other then to be a brainless man that is a slave to the male Rabbi (even though God spoke to Jewish men at Mount Sinai through Moses and it wasn't one man on blind faith and this kind of mentality imitates the worst of religions that one man without witness claims to have heard from God)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Congrats to Hebrew Podcast on their 100th lesson.

They have a good system. It is a husband and wife and their daughter with the lessons.  I don't agree with the Kibbutz lifestyle which they have a lesson and a few other items they push on their lessons but that is not why I am subscribing to them. I am to try to improve my modern Hebrew and they do have a good program with podcasts, lesson guides, flash cards, quizzes, and a hangman type of game for phrases from each listen all of which is very helpful. And for only $70 a year. Can't beat that. Here is their video sampler which they picked lessons from the beginner lessons. They have about 1/3rd beginner, 1/3rd intermediate, and 1/3rd advanced. Myself am learning the most from intermediate at the moment.

It does concern me that both Nefesh B'Nefesh both female advisors of go North use hyphenated names.

Their names are these

Michele Kaplan-Green
Tamara Klinger-Levi

The first is the director and one is the employment director. If they don't even want to take their husbands names well they help me or just use me and if I am not useful for their agendas discard me in a situation that I am somewhat helpless.

The first one has a profile on Facebook as well that talking about a new type of Jew that seems odd to me.

There clearly are those that just want Israel to be some headquarters for the socialism and feminism which is not something I support and would not be good for me or really for us as a people.

I see few women that use hyphenated names so it bothers me seeing 2/2 here. Some have both their names on Facebook so old friends can find them. But this is different. And again, for people who will need some help since they have to learn a new language and learn how the country works for good and for bad this concerns me since I know times where men are used and then thrown to the curb and if these women don't want to just have their husbands name then me as just a man they don't know it concerns me they just want to use me and won't really try to do what is in the best interest of both me and Israel.

My 39th birthday about a week ago with the same bible reading

That happened the year I was born which also was a Friday. Can't believe am this age already and now young middle age I guess.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Were all Israelies, both male, female, young, old at Mount Sinai.

This photo is from Wikipedia article on biblical mount Sinai.

Judaism, unlike both Christianity and Islam is NOT based on one man claiming he heard from God and him and the leaders he picks we should follow because he had special communication from God which we should accept on blind faith.

There was a revelation to the nation as a whole. And while Moses spoke for God as they asked in Exodus 20:16 "You speak to us and and we shall hear let God not speak to us lest we die"

The issue is, were all Israelies there. Were children there? It did state that they should clean their clothes and be pure  and the men should not draw near a women (Exodus 19:15). which Moses told the people although God didn't specifically mention the women part. In addition God says in the 10th command not to covet your neighbors wife or anything else of your neighbor (Ex 20:14) This clearly is talking to men.

So was most of the people at the mountain adult Israeli males? Could be since there was the danger of touching the mountain so it wouldn't be for children to be there and the women have been taking them and the woman could be at the time of the month they are impure as well so as a result and to normal activites women had to do for their children who were not at an age to be at the mountain so they weren't there. The men though of course would share this experience with their wife who could not be there which these all laws apply to her in her own doings. This would be similar with Adam and Eve where God seem to specifically command Adam not eat from the tree which he of course then told his wife what God ahd told him. (Genesis 2:16-17)

Today though you have women going to a male religious leader to learn about God mostly through a male Rabbi and not at all their husband. Which we have adopted bad practices of other religions. That would be the case if God specifically spoke to one man that only him and his followers could you learn about God from and other men who aren't part of this small clique you can't learn about God. But clearly Moses specifically spoke to the men with these type of commands seemingly with the men sharing this with their wives who could not be there since they had to take care of the children among others reasons it could be a problem for most women of child bearing age. Although I guess older women would be able to be there. Moses here specifically spoke to the men of what God wanted and not to women. I know many today would consider Moses a sexist.

Anyway, does anyone have anything to add to this analysis or disagree with my analysis from the Jewish bible? Feel free to comment.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Interesting about Greece and the Orthodox church and Orthodoxy in general.

This if from wikiepdia.

Accordingly  the Greek Orthodox Chruch is the official state chruch of Greece and that most at least say they are Orthodox. And 81% belief in God. The second part is good and the first part not sure organized religion is always positive of any religion sad to say as they can abuse their position and not help the people that they claim to represent.

Since I have been working part time at a job with Greek-Americans notice that they like to be outwardly Christian. I suspect for a number of reasons the biggest being that the Christian Bible was written Greek even though interestingly enough these Greek speakers weren't actually Greek themselves and Christianity main country of influence did not start with Greece and many were slow to adopt Christianity from my own search on the internet. But the language is important in understanding what was really said in the Christian Bible I would gather.

According to this link as well 90% belong to the "Orthodox" Church. Does Greece have less problems then in any European countries. Sadly, no. They have a birth rate of 1.3 which along with Spain and Italy is very low and not sustainable with a reverse pyramid and in addition have retirement at a relatively young age which also isn't sustainable. So has being Orthodox in Greece led to better family life and people working hard. Sadly, the answer seems to be not really. This I think does show that those who think that being Orthodox religious will solve their problems or their countries problems Greece shows this is not the case.

From what I can see Greeks are more Orthodox for political and social reasons more then truly trying to do what God wants and as a result they don't have lesser problems then in any country that is not as Orthodox in their religious affiliation.  As someone being Jewish feel the same is true for most Jews who call themselves "Orthodox". It is more for political and social reasons then truly following the law that God gave them. 
Most of my family that is the case. Their behavior privately shows they don't care in many ways what God says. They also label themselves this way which a truly Godly person would understand that others are the ones who sense if you truly are God fearing or not.

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Rough day at work today at this Greek company. Guy yelled at me after he ended up looking bad.

Dear Blog,
Update:  Well this passed without any major problem as still working there for good or for bad and do appreciate giving me some work even though this other guy (who doesn't work for my boss but is Greek and related) at this time was a bit nasty to me.

Nothing terrible was said but this guy just got upset at me and yelled at me. This Greek job I am working at. My Boss is Greek down and has been decent to me. And this guy is related not sure how.

He talks loudly to women sometimes and talks about personal things in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable. It started by him telling me he was starving and has no time to talk which wasn't even true.

So at a certain point (at some point I need to get up) I went over and said that you're not hungry and said it is ok and sort of wanted to shake his hand and he just told me to calm down when he was shaking and then he went into my upset and told me not to come into his office again which I didn't do anyone and called me boss as if I DID SOMETHING TERRIBLE TO HIM. He said I jumped. The way he talks makes me a little nervous and he talks in a way that you feel he is trying to get you to react someway. Even told him my Uncle also named George. Thing he got upset becuase the way he reacted to me looked bad on his part as he likes to play this guy and sadly put down other guys and he was shown here to be himself abusive in the way he treated me. Which sadly lived long enough to know that is usually thw way it is with men who talk to women and like to tell them how bad other men are and how nice women are. It really is twisted. Wonder if their wives also being in an unhappy marriage want their husband to tell other women lies about men as she doesn't want a woman to be married and happy as that would make her jealous. This idea of any BODY MOVEMENT A MAN MAKES WHEN HE HIMSELF FEELS UNCOMFORTABLE enough to make someone call my boss is just terrible. I have been there a year on and off so they do know me for good or for bad and and are used to me.

Like I said have lived long enough to know that sadly men that will try to find anything to put down another man usually do it because they are threatened by any man who has more skills or is more respected then they are. And they realize that in todays time a lot of women themselves are taught to believe lies about men so they know how to use that to keep men down for their own reasons. This type of relationship anyway just gives the vicious cycle going as know woman can respect a man that does this so it just reinforces their idea that men are all bad although a decent men doesn't have the need to put down other men to make a woman feel good.

But after today don't know what the future holds here. It didn't get really out of control but my boss may feel if he doesn't like me I am the odd man work. He doesn't work directly with my boss (he has his own company) but still. They may still need me however so will see what happens going forward. My Boss who also is a soccer coach is just busy the next two weeks with 4 games in the next 2 weeks including one Saturday and one Sunday.

It is funny because this guys name is George and he is I think the youngest child in a family and have an Uncle the same way who had older brothers and sisters.

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Some who are exempt from Obamacare.

And they don't have to make sure their employees have health insurance. Some large companies. If this was such a good thing why did certain companies get an exemption from the podcast of Loose Kannon listed below.

McDonalds exempt. AARP exempt. Jack in the Box, Aetna, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NJ. Disney World to name a few.

So very large companies got exemptions. Not just or fair in any way.The whole show of this date is intersting as well that they turned this into a "tax" which Obama and company claimed it was a mandate and not a tax.

1-  On this podcast he mentions those who are exempt at about the 20 minute and 20 second mark in hour 1 and about the 4 minute mark in hour 2 of the May 29th podcast from the link.