Saturday, June 23, 2012

Zvi Zimri wishes me a stroke because I mention he supports masturbation which I am allowed to point out.

This guy is just very out of control and a real danger to to other people (both men and women) in my opinion. He loves to criticize others but can't take it when someone criticizes him. His sense of superiority over other people is just terrible. This is what he wrote. Commentary later on. All I said by the way is he supports masturbation which he does. He says I am immature and full of hatred???? Don't you think he should look in the mirror with how vicious he is because what other think of him not because of me but because of his overall behavior which others who warn them about him is shown to be true. It does show to me how men that are obsessed with sexual pleasures likely have social problems because a person attractive or not is a human being. HIS COMMENTS BELOW

You're off the Topic comment shows your full of hatred and immature.
Besides, I've never promoted masturbation for its own sake. But I've learned that trying to reason with you is a total waste of time since you're determined to twist what I say for your own odious hateful ends. The JTF activist who slammed you as an abusive man in need of medication was right on the money. On the Qaraite group you were told by several individuals you're mentally ill and in need of external help to overcome your malaise, but you prefer to deny you have any such sort of problem.You haven't learned any lesson after the admins of 'Karaites' banned you; as far as you're concerned you were tossed out of there for nothing.Keep marginalizing yourself ever increasingly through your statements and behavior; you've done a terrific job of it so far.If you've decided to adamantly refuse to receive psychological help, I hope you'll receive the same fate as Ariel Sharon. There is way too much bitter hatred among Jews already without the poison you publicly spout at any Jew which you slightly dislike even one of their opinions. There will be no Bayt Miqdash and Mashi'ah as long as Jews like you exist.Bye for the meantime, loser. -ZviP.S. If you reply, your message will land in a cyber garbage can and won't reach me.

Actually I was NEVER BANNED. I decided to leave because I didn't want to be associated with this and didn't want people who snitch on Facebook if I write a comment they don't like as in both accounts why waste my time and at worse I could end up being banned on Facebook with people like that. I have enough other places to express my ideas so why waste my time with a group that has people defended a guy like Tzvi who just supports ideas that make man into nothing but an animal but refuses to follow the logic of his idea's. Also a Karaite that supports JTF and Rabbi Kahane. He is also trying to support two groups that hate each other I guess just using each group for his own sick perversions IMO. And he says I AM FULL OF HATE.

AND THIS JTF A RADICAL KAHANIST group this happened about 8 years ago so this guy has a real grudge and doesn't forget a reason to hate someone. In addition how a person can both a Karaite and Kahanist doesn't make sense.  He loves to attack other men but can't seem to be able to have a debate when someone points out that something he does may not be the best thing to do which a normal person would just respond yes I do support but for this reason instead of wishing someone a stroke for expressing what the person believes which the person admits they believe.

By the way he has twisted what others say all the time and all I said was he supports masturbation which he does for whatever his rationalization is. He is not interested in a discussion for his disgusting PS.

He snitched to me on Facebook trying to get a post deleted and claiming I was engaged in "hate speech" because I said that a man thinks that is focused on masturbating is a low level man. Which I think any man of development would think that. Sexuality should serve some higher purposes and would see men that don't as lacking being involved socially in the world as I admit I  do.

 His claim is "well it isn't for it in it's own right but for health purposes" which regardless is still supported it. He has said vicious false things about others and what I said wasn't even false but the idea I have to mention every nuance to every word he says shows his tremendous sense of self importance because regardless I do think it shows a man who doesn't have many social skills with both men and women and just sees men as to be there to be yes men for him and women for his own sexual desires. In both cases he doesn't see other as people for whatever reason and what is ever more sick is he talks about God thinking he speaks for God. Well God created us all and the most basic thing to love God is to treat other people who were also created in the image of God with decency unless they are those that don't treat others decently. And he doesn't treat others decently the way he acts towards other men and his view women as simply for his sexual pleasures and no concern about anyone else. Some people have bigger problems then this. 

This  verbal terrorist wrote to me on you tube simply because I commented since he was trying to tell a woman she is cute that he supports masturbation. I think a woman should know that and likely the woman saw the guy anyway as a creep and this guy since he just sees woman as sexual creatures of course then think it was all my fault that this woman didn't like him when likely as well could see that this guy Zvi Zimri is a creep.

As you can see he also knew a lot about me. He was involved with JTF which is a Kahanist group (which was part of for about 6 months about 7 years ago but was kicked out when certain things didn't seem right)  that worships Rabbis yet he also is a Karatie forums that hate Rabbis. So it almost sees as if he is on different forums posing as different things and then claiming he is not part of that.  (has no real intellectual honesty)  to try to satisfy his sexual urges from what it seems to me.


philmwri said...

I wouldn't even worry about him.The Karaites don't even like him. He has attacked me before and said things that weren't true.

He is just a hateful person that needs to be prayed for.Karaites need unity and he definitely isn't helping them with that.I wish the administrators would ban him. I hope that anyone that think he is their friend realizes that that there's not one person on this earth he wouldn't turn on.

Analytical Adam said...

Prayed for? The fact is the movement says nothing about his views on Masturbation and that actually it is making him crazy to anyone who disagrees with him as he is offended that I mentioned it and he could just respond as he did to me that is only for "medical reasons" but deep down he knows others don't buy that anyway and it is more or a rationalization then anything else.

Analytical Adam said...

As far as I know. But I have to say this focus on so called "unity" for unity sake is never a good thing.

In fact from what I see this idea is usually used to tell people to defend the indefensible because that person is part of some in group.

Anonymous said...

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Analytical Adam said...

Thanks. I do try to fun spell check and in some cases aware there are spelling mistakes especially in tag names. Run this blog on my own sort of as a hobby so haven't got around to correct this.

In terms of your product that is interesting although wish you comment on my posts regarding eyesight since I do have posts on the problems of LASIK as I myself am near sided.

Anonymous said...

A couple of remarks -- one for the readers in general, the other for Phillip M. Wright (the first commenter). I hope the blog owner will allow this comment to display, if only so Phillip can get a chance to see the rebuttal).

1. I don't care to respond to Adam's usual charges about me, but wish to flat-out deny Adam's lie that I was ever associated with any manifestation of the Kahane movement, under whatever name it is known by. Adam had no knowledge of what I had done in life and simply invented this Kahane affiliation out of nowhere.

2. Phillip, a Messianic Christian (at least he used to be back in 2006-8), is upset with me for rebuking him for posing for more than a year as a Jew and Qaraite, and lying in a Qaraite forum accordingly during that timespan. Phil even admitted to me that he had lied. My attack on him and his concession occurred several years ago in Melech's erstwhile chatroom, and I have at least one witness to back up what I am claiming here.

Phil begrudged me for publicly reproving him for his lies, thereby spoiling the fun he hoped to keep having among gullible Qaraites or overtolerant Qaraites who felt bad about putting him in his place as an impostor.

Back then Phil was a college freshman who didn't think of the consequences of his lies.
I advise Phil that if he ever wishes again to conduct himself on the Qaraite scene somewhere, that he be himself and have fun in honest ways.


Analytical Adam said...

To respond to Zvi here.

What I have written above is true and just awful for someone to wish someone bodily harm to have a violent stroke like Sharon did simply for pointing out that the man supports masturbation for therapeutic reasons but feels that I have no right to let women know that and let them make their own judgments.

Zvi also mentioned that I was banned from a Kahanist group known of JTF which is true which for a short period of time I was involved with this group but got banned when I started to point out that Kahane had similarities to various dictators. It was a mistake for me to be involved with them but you live and learn.

How would Zvi know this unless A. He was involved at one point and went on their forum from time to time to see what is going on B. A friend of girlfriend was involved or C. He just goes on just to find negative information. Not sure how he knew this about me other then one of the three above and why he brought it up as well is disturbing since even when he brought it up this was many years ago.

That is all I can say about it which there is excuse for anyone to wish physical harm on someone simply for pointing out something about them that they openly admit but want it hidden from some people while pushing it on others which just shows no real belief in God that watches your behavior to do this kind of thing.