Sunday, June 17, 2012

You shall teach them to your children to discuss them-

You shall teach them to your children to discuss them, while you site in your home, while you walk on the way, when you retire, and when you rise. (Deutoronomy 11:19)

This idea of God' s word just in some Yeshiva and then not discussing it outside violates this passage.

There are other questions that this passage begs. The Rabbis would claim well this proves that we need the Talmud with is maybe 50,000 pages because the five books of Moses do they really give you something to talk about all the time. After all it is only 500 pages in my Artscroll English - Hebrew Tanach, the Five Books of Moses. To be exact 514 pages.

So there needs to be more then that.

And the answer is many of the ideas of the bible require much discussion and discussion again and again. As all our actions relate to these books. In so many ways. Just to give a few examples. The bible tells us not to give our child to Molech. While no one in the US as far as I know sacrificed their child on some sort of alter the idea of sacrificing a child for some political reason does go on and how do we prevent that. That is just one small example. But there are so many examples. In fact the Talmud does not really allow discussion of ideas as the Rabbis from 1000 years ago control the whole conversation as if you yourself can't discuss the ideas in the five books of Moses. And at the end of the day this doesn't lead to more discussion but less as some don't really like what the Rabbis have to say and rightfully so. They are just men and had many flaws. When it comes to the ideas of the bible that was written by God and not man.

Especially in Israel as well as for Jews to be protected they do need God's protection and that is in keeping with the contract God gave us in the bible which there is evidence for. It is not based on "faith". To focus on what some Rabbi said 1500 years ago when he was living in the exile is not something that can with ones full heart and mind be discussed since it has no relevance to ones own existence today for the most part.

Sadly Karaites as well behave as if the five books of Moses is some sort of book that requires no discussion and that is wrong as well and in fact what they do gives the Rabbis the claim that you are not following this verse in Deutoronomy 11:19 as there are no "shortcuts" to try to follow with all your mind and all your heart what God says.

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