Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where my mother got this bad attitude of looking at what men have

Don't know as this kind of envy type mentality is very bad as we read in Exodus 14:14. Hear God is speaking more to men it seems (not to covet another man's property or another man's wife) but of course created both men and women in the image of God and able to understand good and evil and God explaining what is inappropriate and here God clearly finds envy of someone else inappropriate. In today's time you have women like my mother looking at what men have an wanting what men have and playing this out with her children which is me and my sister.

The worst part of it is my Maternal Uncle told me once that my sister is a JAP. And don't always like my sisters behavior. Having said that though. My sister didn't develop this in a vacuum. She learned it from my mother sadly and my mother being older and having more life experience is more at fault here. Maybe  my mother learned it her mother. I don't know but many things should have woken my mother up including the idea of not to look at what someone else has but apparently this isn't the case.

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