Saturday, June 23, 2012

So who is right. The UJA or the world almanac on Jewish numbers.

In the right ring we have the UJA claiming (which the Jewish forward picked up) big demographic changes in Jews in NY. In the other ring we have the latest numbers World Almanac which in it in giving out the numbers or religious denominations according to them 10% of the 6-6.4 million Jews label themselves as Orthodox. That isn't a change and may actually be a small decrease. In general since I have been reading about this Orthodoxy seems to always check in between 10-15% of Jews. So who is right. In addition it is interesting that the numbers of each denomination was group with the same note mentioning how many Orthodox, Conservative, Reform, Reconstuction and the amount that was left would think is unaffiliated. The most honest way of doing it is to ask the people themselves which only 10% consider themselves Orthodox.

Yet now Michael Medved has also picked up on the article in the Jewish Forward. His comments though about what the UJA is does shed light of a possible problem. The UJA stands for the United Jewish Appeal which they work to help poor Jews. Sadly some of these groups as well want to keep their own poor because it gives them more of a sense that they are needed. Not all but some. Don't know if the UJA is like that but it could be. That being the case of course UJA is going to come across more poor Jews who want their services or need help. That will skew the numbers. Sadly many Jewish religious people have no problem feeling they should government or other types of help even if they are able bodied. So this may very well skew the numbers.

The Jewish forward does not really like the ideas of the bible and does not like the Orthodox. Why then would they publish this? The answer I hate to say it is Jews being poor and dependent is exactly what they want just as the Rabbis want. The fact that the Orthodox have only male Rabbis they don't like but they do like that they keep other men down and don't respect fatherhood. So overall that is acceptable and like most with the mentality of the forward and them pushing various envy politics like feminism at the end of the day they don't care who they throw overboard.

My conclusion is: I would suspect the UJA study was not done using proper samples and from what I have seen the Rabbis do work with many secular and liberal groups to undermine others. Some of these secular Jewish  groups will be very nice to the so called Orthodox if they support easy divorce and slandering Jewish men. I see it where in live in Northern, NJ of Rabbis with various secular Jewish groups and getting specail privileges as well for the Orthodox and Orthodox women. So I don't buy it and this make those who support socialism and equality as the forward does wake up and realize that this envy politics of forced equality doesn't work and those with that kind of mentality will throw anyone under the bus.

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