Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sadly biggest supporters of Foreskin man woman ages 18-24.

Thankfully only 10,000 people like on Facebook which it shouldn't be one person but that is low for a group that has had exposure for bad reasons but still some people would defend them being attacked.

Biggest group is girls 18-24. And look, at the raio of grils to boys under 17 against it.
Thankfully only about 15,000 support this sick site in total so it is very percent of both genders but if this was truly a problem it would be young boys against it not young girls. And this site promtoes open bigotry towards Jews. This site seems to have found young girls the best target for this bigotry.

Which is what it is about. And with many girls at younger and younger ages being brainwashed by feminists and parents who think women can't be influenced in a bad direction the idea of circumcission is inequality in it's own crazy way even though it is cutting off a man's foreskin.!/photo.php?fbid=260522167329004&set=a.260522160662338.56450.117501288297760&type=1&theater

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