Sunday, June 10, 2012

Maternal lineage means that nonjewish men have no rights according to the Rabbis.

And we need to solve the agunah crisis and anytime a woman wants a divorce she gets it to be "fair to both Jews and Non-Jews".

No joke. After all it isn't the woman's position to divorce in general according to what some consider a sexist book known as the bible. So if she marries a nonjewish man she can't just decide to divorce. Unless you believe that nonjewish men have no rights. Or you can kidnap the mother and child from the father. That really makes our religion look good. And I have heard of us complaining about Chrstian leaders in their own twisted view that a child is Christain so then you can take the child.

If a man marries a woman that othre men find objectionable they can punish this man and force him to divorce the woman and compensate the woman for what they feel is wrong. They can't do this with a woman.

It cracks me up I mentioned well some woman said well we need to solve the Aguna issue. As only a mother and child and the father doesn't. Never mind that actually a higher number of women refuse to accept the divorce rather then man not giving the divorce. And a man is suppose to compensate the woman even if he finds her distasteful as after all he married her in the first place. Unless she committed adultery but just general find something distasteful about her you have to compensate her. Which these women that want "equality" want to be able to divorce when they want but also that the man should pay them for getting out of the marriage contract. That is just seeing Jewish men as someone to take from and goes against basic contract law. The man pays to get out of the marraige and in some cases he can't afford to divorce which would hopefully in the first place that a man would look for a decent woman.

But even so who the heck are the male Rabbis. That they make up their own rules that most men don't support and it is some woman who just act like everything is what the male Rabbi says. So these women give the male Rabbis absolute power. It just amazes me. As if the male Rabbi is their husband or something from the way I see it. For saying this a guy deleted my comment saying it may have hurt the woman's feelings to say this. Well. I am trying to wake the woman up in some way and most of it was not directly critictzing her. He even said I did not like the comment. So he cencers other men and had no problem personally attacking me. And he wants to focus on hating Muslims when he can't work with other men. Just wants to save more women who he thinks he will do his bidding which it is sad guys like this. And he worked some defense type job yet he can't work with other men which is never good.

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