Thursday, June 28, 2012

John Roberts is a pro life liberal socialist.

Why else would he marry a 41 year old woman (he was 41 too) who her soon to be wife at the time volunteered for feminism for life which are pro life but support the socialist and unnatural idea of feminism.

She was a volunteer from 1995-1999. Which was when they got married. 1996. Which yes I do think is very significant and the kind of "conservative" Bush was.

Bush betrayed us again. But this is the type of "conservative" that Bush wanted. A man that supports feminism but is pro life. And the result is what we got. Private health care creates inequality for women since women have more health costs then men due to the fact they can get pregnant and give birth. And to create "equality" you have to force men to pay for medical costs (not to pay for the one they are married to) that they will never have which this bill does.

Here is an interesting link on the marriage between them.

Photo from. Roberts wife is in the red dress.

They both got married at 41. He married a female lawyer and they adopted 2 children. Some of that should be a red flag for a "true conservative". Some people do end up getting married a little later but to marry a female lawyer who volunteers for feminism for life. Feminism is part of socialism and would support this bill that just passed. They support (as well as other "pro life peole) Susan B. Anthony who claimed 600,000 men were drunkards which such hatred towards men is not something that people should look up to. Maybe her husband was but to then make claims like this just shows pure hate on her part. She wanted "social purity laws" by making laws specifically against men. See the link at the end of this post as I posted about her in the past. 

And this nonsense by the way of Susan B. Anthony being pro life is absurd that is promoted by those who claim to support pro-life which says a lot about them. She had vicious views about men. Sadly though male religious leaders like to promote hatred towards men that don't have a bully pulpit as they DO NOT like men who use their gray matter that God gave them to think if what the male religious leader says makes any sense  and hold God to as high a standard as anything else which they should. To hold God to a low standard shows contempt for God and that God is just a toy for what you want.

 Here is what I originally wrote on Susan B. Anthony on this blog.

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