Sunday, June 03, 2012

Israel imports 100% of their cars. Don't think that is good.

Update. Someone explained to me the issue is tax which yes they are taxed at 78% which all that does is make cars less available for those of lesser means as the tax will be passed to the consumer. In addition it would cause that country to not want to be in an industry that is so heavily taxed. 

All cars are imported. I learned this from Hebrew Podcast. It is a great program to learn and refresh your Hebrew.

Anyway they had a lesson in 2009 about cars. In it they have a little panel on the auto industry. This is what they have to say.


Israel once had a car factory, the

Autocars Co. that manufactured the

Susita, a car with a body made of


It operated between 1960-1980 but closed

down and today all cars are imported.

The most popular car in Israel is Mazda 3.

Half of the cars in Israel are midsize,

sedans with 4 doors. 37% of all cars are

white making it the most popular.

Fiat Panda is the least expensive car and

costs 80,000 Israeli Shekels (about


Taxes on imported cars are 78%.

Japanese cars are the most popular and

make out 38% of all imported cars.

Israel has about 2.2 million cars, which

come down to 300 cars per 1000 Israelis

compared with 800 in the US and 500 in


Being dependent on others for auto's doesn't seem to be a good thing for a country that is somewhat isolated and even when helped it is with strings attached that are not necessarily good for it's own people that have different religious idea's then those helping them.

Some that support Israel support it because of feminism and various socialist idea's which sadly doesn't really help Israel other then the few on top.

And if Israel became less socialist and less feminist they would no longer support Israel even though this would help the average Jewish man and Jewish woman that doesn't have many connections.

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