Saturday, June 16, 2012

60% Swedish and many Russian children of Jewish parents not circumcised. 60% in Sweden. Rabbis only care who mother is.

They fully support the Orthodox and Conservative position that it doesn't matter because all that matters is that the mother is Jewish. I hope this isn't true but it may very well be. According tot his link they are pushing for more Jewish boys to be uncircumcised as already 60% of boys from parents who are Jewish oare not being circumcised and in Russia many children of Jewish parents were not and still not circumcised.

This is what they have to say. From the site.

"Being circumcised is not a condition of being Jewish. Girls do not need to be circumcised to receive the gifts of covenant, i.e., being bat-mitzvahed. A boy is Jewish if his mother is Jewish from the moment he is born".

In addition and I quote from this site.

  • In Sweden, 60% of Jewish boys are intact.
  • Many Soviet Jews, left intact for fear of communist persecution, have chosen to remain so, even though communism no longer exists.
  • Contrary to popular opinions, an intact boy may have a Bar Mitzvah. As one rabbi simply put it, “We don’t check.” 

This is very disturbing and in addition this idea of Maternal Lineage making someone automatically a Jew we see yet again in the real world is actually a real stumbling block for us as a people. Of course it isn't biblical and by making up their own laws we are creating problems for ourselves.

If you read this site you find that whoever runs it is very much pointing out about certain parts of the bible that they deem sexist we don't or we shouldn't follow. Which they don't believe that men should have any rights as of course the idea of just caring about who the mother is not equality either.  So they couldn't care less about men except suddenly when the issue of circumcision comes up. Suddenly they claim they care so much about boys and them not being hurt or abused. Which to me is nothing but double talk. Actually they are offended that this for good or for bad is something that if you are not circumcised according to God you can't be part of the Jewish people.


philmwri said...

That is pure heresy!

Analytical Adam said...

Could you elaborate and/or prove this is untrue. Yes, this site has a very evil agenda but most people with bad agenda do try to find legitimacy to their agenda. Are you saying this site made these numbers up. It could be.