Sunday, June 03, 2012

In a Kibbutz chlidren are raised "together" so mother can share equally in Kibutz aspects.

This also from Hebrew Podcast. A lesson on a Kibbutz learning some Hebrew words like to Volunteer. Thankfully less then 2% of the economy are Kibbutzim as many have failed as socialism does not work and playing on ones person's envy of another which is a biblical prohibition not to desire what someone else has which to prevent others from having more then you is certainly part of this I would think. (Exodus 20:14) You shall not covet your neighbor's house, your neighbor's wife, or his ox of his ass or anything that is your neighbors.

Children are not raised by their parents. Instead raised together to socialize them and free mothers to "equally" be involved in all activities. I am wondering if the child care is done equally by men and women in the kibbutz when not done by the parents. Doubt it. This "equality" is only so they can teach their children their ideology which sadly is what this is about. Obviously God did not create men and women with the same "equal"  skills and physical attributes in all area's. The Kibbutz is only playing on women's envy in some area's about men so they can raise the children with "their" ideology. There are no property rights. This is the panel mentioned on Hebrew podcast.

All aspects of life are held in common. All

decisions are made by voting in a general

committee. There is no private property.

In most kibbutzim (plural of kibbutz)

children are raised together and not in

their parents’ homes to socialize them to

the Kibbutz ideology and to free the

mothers to share equally in all the Kibbutz

aspects. All members of the kibbutz eat

together in communal dining halls.

Agriculture is the major economy system

for self sufficiency.

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