Monday, June 18, 2012

Greek and Egyptian elections in.

What a crazy existence I have as I work for both Greeks and Egyptians and they both had elections.

This is what I wrote on this on my Facebook page.

Greece and Egypt elections decided. Greece has voted to continue to be in the EU and Egypt voted for the Muslim Brotherhood. I don't know what to think as at the end of the day Mubarak and Egypt was only giving Israel a false sense of security as Egypt was under Mubarak very anti-semitic and Israel and Egypt just a pawn of America which I do see some who support Israel do want it become a Christian country which it isn't. I know that will offend some but that is what I see sometimes.

Also I was listening to Savage and related to the Middle East I could not believe that he said that Syria protects Jews under Assad. That is simply rubbish.  

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